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Subpena Served

Actor J. Edward Bromberg (right), member of next week's Ann Arbor Drama Season play cast, is served with a subpena by William J. Jones, investigator for the House Un-American Activities Committee, last night outside a rehearsal room in the Michigan League. Bromberg is slated to testify concerning his alleged Communist activities in Washington, D. C., on June 25.

Bromberg’s Appearance In Play Here Hit By Vets Unit

A 1blast against the appearance of actor J. Edward Bromberg in next week's Ann Arbor Drama Season production was issued today by the Washtenaw County Council of Veterans.

“A thorough check indicates that there is reason to doubt the Americanism of this individual,” declared Theodore R. Woodruff, commander of the veterans group.

Meanwhile, Bromberg was served with a subpena last night requiring his presence before the House Un-American Activities Committee in Washington, D. C., to testify concerning his alleged Communist connections.

William J. Jones, an investigator for the committee, flew here from the capital and served the actor shortly after 6 o’clock as he was rehearsing for "The Royal Family” in the Michigan League.

Jones immediately returned to Washington.

Woodruff, acting for the Veterans Council, asserted, "This man (Bromberg) has had the opportunity to clear himself of charges that he is sympathetic toward the Communist conspiracy which is our deadly enemy, and he has not seen fit to face the music.”

Until the actor’s name is cleared before the committee, Woodruff continued, "we do not feel that he is a fit person to appear before any group of real Americans and especially at a great and liberal institution such as the University of Michigan.”

Asks Investigation

Woodruff urged that Rep. Charles E. Potter of Cheboygan, Rep. George Meader of Ann Arbor and Senators Blair Moody and Homer Ferguson be asked to investigate Bromberg's record.

Potter declared on the floor of the House yesterday that Bromberg had "a Communist record a mile long.” The actor countered by labeling the House investigation a "witch hunt” whose effect was to "deprive people of a livelihood.”

Bromberg was first subpenaed last March, ironically, by Jones. But he was excused from testifying when doctors certified that Bromberg was suffering from a rheumatic heart condition.