Behind The Marquee: Episode 58 - The First Degree

Nick has a conversation with Matt Schwarz and Jordan Frank of the band Quasar Wut-Wut and Olivia Babler of the Chicago Film Archives about 'The First Degree', a silent film long believed to have been lost that will screen at the Michigan Theater on Saturday, Sept. 17 with live accompaniment of an original score by the band. Olivia describes how the film was re-discovered, Matt and Jordan detail their process for writing film scores, and so much more.

Behind The Marquee: Episode 53 - Alfred Hitchcock with Al Sjoerdsma

Nick has a conversation about all things Hitchcock with Al Sjoerdsma, host of Presenting Alfred Hitchcock Presents from the Ann Arbor District Library. They discuss the research that goes into Al's show, some of his favorite episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, the legacy of Hitchcock and the problematic points of his work, and a whole lot more. Plus, they conclude with their Movie Magic Moments of the Week.

Behind The Marquee: Episode 52 - Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound - Filmmaker Q and A

Nick has a conversation with Midge Costin, Bobette Buster and Karen Johnson, the team behind the documentary 'Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound'. The three discuss their intentions to make a documentary that highlights women in the industry, their decade-long journey in making the film, anecdotes involving Steven Spielberg and Barbra Streisand, and so much more. 

Behind The Marquee: Episode 51 - BTM Replay: Direct from Sundance 2020

Nick flashes back to February 2020, to our Direct from Sundance screenings of 'The Last Shift' and 'Dinner in America' where he spoke with directors Andrew Cohn and Adam Rehmeier. Andrew and Adam talk about their time growing up in metro Detroit, how their individual experiences shaped their films, and so much more! New episode next week!

Behind The Marquee: Episode 49 - Joe Gantz, 'The Race to Save the World'

Nick has a conversation with Joe Gantz, Emmy winning filmmaker for 'Taxi Cab Confessions' and director of 'The Race to Save the World', a new documentary playing in virtual cinemas about Climate Change activists. They talk about his life as an activist, his philosophies as a filmmaker, the protests that went into the making of his film, and more!