Mini MoogFest 2017: Mike Dykehouse


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In addition to being a remarkable painter, Mike Dykehouse is an immensely creative musician. But after his Dynamic Obsolescence (2001) album on the influential British electronica Planet Mu and another on Ghostly International with the shoegaze-y Midrange (2004), Dykehouse mostly went underground.

Or rather, to Instagram.

Dykehouse's daily video clips of new synth jams -- ranging from straight-up techno and boogie-bass electro to hip-hop boom-bap and exploratory noise -- are often highlights of his followers' days. (Am I projecting?)

In a rare live appearance, Dykehouse will demonstrate the latest version of his ever-changing modular synth setup at Mini MoogFest, giving listeners a front-row seat to his daily sonic rituals.

We talked to Dykehouse about his Mini MoogFest plans, the gear he's bringing, and asked him to name his favorite synth-related recordings. But to evoke the immortal Joe Perry Project, Dykehouse mostly lets the music do the talking.

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Q: What's your plan for MoogFest?
A: I will be doing a demonstration of how I use my small-scale modular synthesizer as a portable workstation for both composed and improvised music.

Q: What's your gear setup?
A: I will be using a digital modular synthesizer that allows me to sequence, sample, and synthesize.

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Q: Name some synth-related records that you'd recommend to newbies.
A: Here are five:
➥ Manuel Göttsching, E2-E4
➥ Convextion, Miranda
➥ Aphex Twin, Analord #8
➥ Bernard Parmegiani, Dedans Dehors
➥ Mouse on Mars, Instrumentals

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.

Mini MoogFest is Saturday, Nov. 18, 12-4 pm in the multipurpose room and Secret Lab of the Ann Arbor District Library's downtown branch, 343 S. 5th Ave. Facebook event page. Read our introduction to MoogFest here. Check out interviews with Mini MoogFest performers Sean Curtis Patrick, Alex Taam, and North Coast Modular Collective.