In this presentation based on her new book, Detroit Tiki, join author Renee Tadey on a journey through the history of tiki-themed destinations in Detroit.

Borrowing Polynesian aesthetics, Americans in the mid-twentieth century were swept up in a wave of island-themed décor and tropical cocktails–and Detroit was no exception. The Tropics and Club Bali offered a warming escape from dreary Midwest winters. At its completion in 1967, the Mauna Loa was the most expensive restaurant built east of the Mississippi. The Chin Tiki, with its exquisitely handcrafted features, was an equally exceptional destination. Even today, long after the tiki bar trend has faded, a new generation has started a revival in the city.

Renee Tadey was born in Detroit and continues to reside in the metro area. She is passionate about all things vintage, from autos and architecture to film, clothing, home furnishing and lifestyle, and is especially fond of Mid-Century Modern design. Detroit Tiki, published by The History Press in 2022, is her first book.

This event is in partnership with Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor.

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