The Hidden History of Ann Arbor, Michigan: A Small Town's Big Impact on the Sixties by Alan Glenn Filmmaker and journalist Alan Glenn describes the cultural and political climate surrounding John Sinclair and the White Panther/Rainbow People's Party.

Freeing John Sinclair by Rob Hoffman Journalist Rob Hoffman writes about the impact of the John Sinclair Freedom Rally and the people who were part of this seminal night in Ann Arbor's history.

Back in the Day: An Abbreviated Memoir of Ann Arbor 1968 - 1975 by John Sinclair Poet, radical, and former chairman of the White Panther/Rainbow People's Party describes the Ann Arbor he knew and tells the story of what a small group of people in a few houses on Hill Street accomplished during their years here.

The Evolution of a Commune by Leni Sinclair Photographer, radical, and former White Panther/Rainbow People's Party Minister of Education Leni Sinclair describes life in the Hill Street houses and the actions taken by the Party to Free John.

Interim Report on the Background of Pun Plamondon and the Founding of the White Panther Party circa 1968 by Pun Plamondon Storyteller, radical, and co-founder/Minister of Defense for the White Panther/Rainbow People's Party Pun Plamondon talks about his life and the founding of the White Panther Party.

A People's History of the CIA Bombing Conspiracy (the Keith Case); Or, How the White Panthers Saved the Movement by Hugh "Buck" Davis Radical lawyer Buck Davis discusses the legal actions taken during the CIA Bombing Conspiracy Trial that went to the U.S. Supreme Court and the long-reaching effect the Keith Decision had.