Kick Out the Hams: Wild Savages' "Queen Bee" video


Do you remember the days before the smoking ban when you'd leave a concert smelling of stale cigarettes and cheap beer, and the stench would permeate your rusted-out car on the late-night ride home, lingering in your nose the next morning?

[|Wild Savages] are the soundtrack for that drive.

The Ann Arbor trio plays bluesy proto-metal that would not have been out of place on [|WRIF] in 1980. Think of Wild Savages as part of the 1970s Black Sabbath, Foghat, and Nazareth lineage that has produced contemporary bands like [|Red Fang], [|Saviours], and [|The Sword].

"Queen Bee" is the first single off the band's second album, Stagefright, which is being feted with a free [|record-release concert] at The Blind Pig on Saturday, Dec. 16. Wild Savages goof around in the video by mugging for the camera like 1980s hair-metal bands, shotgunning beers, and playing bass on the toilet.

In other words, it's totally great.

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.

Wild Savages play a [|free record-release show] on Saturday, Dec. 16 at The Blind Pig, 208 S. First St., Ann Arbor. [|Mexican Knives] and [|Grand Mammoth] open, with the metal DJ crew [|Heavy and Beyond] making sure the club stays loud the whole night. Visit [|] for more info or [|] to hear the band's previous releases.