A2 Art Center's "Favorites’ Favorites" kicks off Jan. 19 with a party


Mark Lyon, Dr. Lustbader DDS, Exam Room, 2012, archival pigment print

Dr. Lustbader DDS, Exam Room by Mark Lyon, 2012, archival pigment print.

The Ann Arbor Art Center exhibition Favorites’ Favorites opens Friday, Jan. 19, kicking off with a free opening night party from 6-9 pm. The artists will be in attendance, and you can ask them why they chose their individual pieces in the show.

That's right, though there was a curator who chose which artists would exhibit, it was the creators who picked what would be displayed in Favorite Favorites.

Organizer Seder Burns -- a Michigan-based artist and professor -- let the artists self-select their favorite works, which include everything from photography and painting to mixed media and drawings: "Artists are often asked to make work to fit a theme. Or to try to fit an existing piece into a themed show. Consequently, an artist may have a favorite piece they have never had the opportunity to exhibit because they haven't found a show that was a good fit for their piece. The artists in this exhibit share one or more pieces that are their personal favorites."

Favorites’ Favorites runs through Feb. 10 and includes works by:

Heather Accurso (Ann Arbor, MI)
Zhiwan Cheung (Pittsburgh, PA)
Deb Davis (Toledo, OH)
Brent Dedas (Bowling Green, KY)
Colin Goldberg (New York, NY)
Dan Hernandez (Toledo, OH)
Melissa Kaseman (San Francisco, CA)
Joe Levickas (Ann Arbor, MI)
Mark Lyon (Hudson Valley, NY)
Brian Spolans (Ypsilanti, MI)
Mike Tarr (Menomonie, WI).

"Favorites’ Favorites" is at Ann Arbor Art, 117 W. Liberty St., Jan. 19-Feb. 10. RSVP for the opening-night party at the Facebook event page Visit annarborartcenter.org for more information.