WSG's "Sixteen Plus Sixteen" pairs gallery members & their selected artists


Stewards of Creation, La Palouse, WA photo by Nina Hauser

Nina Hauser's Stewards of Creation, La Palouse, WA; iPhone photograph printed on archival paper using pigment inks; 5"x7"; 1/10.

The annual Sixteen Plus Sixteen features the work of WSG gallery members and their chosen guests. The 16 invited artists’ works are then shown alongside the works of WSG’s 16 represented artists.

As stated on WSG's website, the showing is “always an exciting art-filled time with lots of vibrant new pieces.” The gallery certainly represents many vibrant works, representing a diversity in practice and media. The show includes paintings, sculpture, ceramics, fabric, photography, books, and much more.

Part of the exhibition this year was a poetry event, It’s Ekphrastic!, which was performed Jan. 21 by 10 poets. The poems, which were inspired by works in the gallery, now hang alongside their muses for gallery visitors to read after the event.

Paintings by Aura Glaser & Eli Rush

Aura Glaser's Solstice Illumination; photograph, pigment ink on archival paper. Eli Rush's Oaks in Fog, Yuba County, California; platinum palladium print on handmade Japanese Gampi Torinoko paper; 4"x5".

Pulp readers may recognize many of the artists’ works currently on display at WSG. Among the exhibitors, artists such as Nina Hauser, Nora Venturelli, Michelle A. Hegyi, and many other local artists have been featured recently in shows around Ann Arbor. Juliet Seignious’ work can also be seen here, in addition to her current show at AADL

With many familiar works and artists, this exhibition will surely excite fans of prominent Ann Arbor artists and allow a glimpse into the artists who inspire them. The eclectic range of media in the cozy WSG gallery also lends to the experience of viewing these works.

Among my favorite pieces in the gallery were a range of photographic works executed in varying media, from Eli Rush’s six platinum prints exploring natural subjects to Aura Glaser’s abstract pigment inks on archival paper as well as Nina Hauser’s photography taken from her iPhone, Stewards of Creation, La Palouse, WA.

Elizabeth Smith is an AADL staff member and is interested in art history and visual culture.

"Sixteen Plus Sixteen" is at WSG gallery, 306 S. Main St., Ann Arbor, through Feb. 3. Free. The gallery is open Tuesday through Thursday 12-6 pm and Friday and Saturday from 12-9 pm. Visit for more info.

WSG owner/artist host : Invited artist
Barbara Brown : Cayla R. Samano
Takahara : Janie Paul
Adlerstein : Robert Platt
Karin Wagner 
Coron : Vincent Castagnacci
Cole : Abraham Cone
Cronenwett : John Lilley
Hauser : Eli Rush
Michelle A.
Hegyi : Janet Hamrick
Venturelli : Adrian Deva
Kaplan : Juliet Seignious
Mann : Yiu-Keung Lee
Penchansky-Glasser : Cassidy Moravy-Penchansky
Potter : Linda Heckenkamp
Ramsay : Marcia Polenberg
Schwartz : Jim Cogswell
Burgos : Brenda Oelbaum