João Luiz & Danilo Brito strip down Brazilian choro to its essence


Joao Luiz & Danilo Brito by Sascha von Oertzen

João Luiz and Danilo Brito by Sascha von Oertzen

When Brazilian mandolinist Danilo Brito played Kerrytown Concert House on April 1, 2017, he brought a traditional choro quartet with him: 7-string guitar, guitar, cavaquinho, and percussion.

For his April 29 show this year at Kerrytown, Brito is down to the essentials, pairing with guitarist João Luiz, one half of the Brasil Guitar Duo and an equal to the mandolinist in terms of choro adoration and acumen. The setlist will draw from compositions by Jacob do Bandolim, Orlando Silveira, Edurado Souto, and Pixinguinha as well as Brito and Luiz.

So, what is choro?

Check out our interview with Brito from last year where he discusses the traditional music style in depth: "Choro-scuro: Danilo Brito brings Brazil's soul to Kerrytown Concert House."

And watch the video below where he's joined by Luiz for a thorough discussion and demonstration.

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.

Joao Luiz and Danilo Brito play Kerrytown Concert House on Saturday, April 28, at 8 pm. Visit for tickets and more info. The duo also plays the Toledo Museum of Art on April 26 and the Detroit Institute of Arts on April 27.