Less Talk, Rock Action: Fuzz Fest 5 at The Blind Pig


Fuzz Fest 5 logo

Fuzz Fest lets the music do the talking.

I don't just mean the harmonious racket that'll be created by 33 bands performing nearly 18 hours of jams on June 21-23 at The Blind Pig for the fifth edition of this annual event. Well, I do mean that, but because Fuzz Fest has two performance areas in the club -- one on the main stage and one on the floor -- there are no breaks between the bands' 30-minute sets, which means no time for extraneous jibber-jabber.


Chris "Box" Taylor, the primary person behind this sonic endurance event, is also content to let the music do the talking. When I asked him to name the most memorable things from Fuzz Fests past, Taylor got straight to the point:

Fuzz fest 1 - The first Fuzz Fest was memorable because right before the fest we acquired a bunch of actual '60s light-show equipment. It went a long way to invoking the proper mood for the event. 
Favorite sets: Lavamoth and The Muggs. 

Fuzz Fest 2 - The first Fuzz Fest was at Woodruffs. That bar closed shortly after the event. I decided to do it again so I moved it to The Blind Pig. I was worried about the setup but we made it work. 
Favorite set: Beast in the Field

Fuzz Fest 3 - This one was a blast. Loved that one of the nights featured all two- and three-piece bands. 
Favorite set - Jungle Fowl

Fuzz Fest 4 - This one was crazy. Lots of big amps. Lots of great sets. 
Favorite set: Shells

I’ve been very lucky with setting up and running these events. There haven’t been any issues of any real consequence. The bands are always cool. I couldn’t do it without the help of Jeremy Wheeler [who did the poster and handles the lights] and James Symons [who helps stage manage the shows]. 

From scuzz rock to space rock, Fuzz Fest is all about the power of rock 'n' roll. With that in mind, no more words: I'm going to let the music do the convincing that you should go bang your head at the Pig.


Tart - 1:15 am

Lavamoth - 12:45 am

Visitors Vstrs - 12:15 am

Super Thing - 11:45 pm

Hydropark - 11:15 pm

Lizerrd - 10:45 pm

Black Irish 313 -10:15 pm

Hordes - 9:45 pm

Warhorses - 9:15 pm

VAPOURBILE - 8:45 pm

Ladyship Warship - 8:15 pm



Red Stone Souls - 1:15 am

Bubak - 12:45 am

Cruthu - 12:15 am

Kommander - 11:45 pm

The Lucid Furs - 11:15 pm

Slumlord Radio - 10:45 pm

Krillin - 10:15 pm

King Under the Mountain - 9:45 pm

Lay It Down - 9:15 pm

Caveman & Bam Bam Detroit - 8:45 pm

Electric Huldra - 8:15 pm


Timmy's Organism - 1:15 am

Scissor Now! - 12:45 am

Wiccans - 12:15 am

Human Skull - 11:45 pm

BoneHawk - 11:15 pm

The Cheetahs - 10:45 pm

ATTALLA - 10:15 pm

Extra Arms - 9:45 pm

Voyag3r - 9:15 pm

ALBUM - 9:45 pm

Temple of the Fuzz Witch - 9:15 pm

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.

Fuzz Fest 5 happens June 21-23 at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor. Visit the Facebook event page for tickets and more info.