Guitarist Marcus Tardelli will change your conceptions of what it means to shred


Marcus Tardelli

When the phrase "guitar shredder" is deployed, the general picture that comes to mind is a poodle-haired metal guitarist finger-tapping his way through impossible scales on an electric ax.

Marcus Tardelli will change your mental image of what it means to be a guitar shredder.

The Brazilian plays an acoustic with the same sort of jaw-dropping heroics as his plugged-in brethren, but the music he creates evokes that of a full band, not a solo showcase -- even though he usually plays unaccompanied, as he will at Kerrytown Concert House on Thursday, October 4.

Tardelli is able to play melodies, counterpoint, and harmony at the same time, his left fingers fanning so far across the fretboard it seems like they've detached from his hand. His right hand is equally absurd, plucking the strings with such rhythmic and tonal precision that it seems impossible.

Check out the videos below to have your mind rearranged.

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Marcus Tardelli plays Kerrytown Concert House on Thursday, October 4 at 8 pm. Tickets are $10-$35.