Big, Tall & Fashionable: Michael Anthony Spearman blogs high-style ideas for everyday people


Michael Anthony Spearman

Michael Anthony Spearman is The Big Fashion Guy.

As a blogger and stylist, Spearman writes his take on style trends and guides his clients on how to be dapper. And as a budding designer, he is aiming to start a fashion line for big and tall gentlemen who are in need of stylish choices.

Bred in Detroit, the style savant has been featured in various notable publications including BuzzFeed, Hour Detroit, and BLAC Detroit magazines. Spearman has been cultivating his brand for years, and with over 35,000 followers and counting on Instagram, he has plenty of people keeping up with his style.

Spearman divides his time between the Detroit/Ann Arbor and NYC areas, therefore he has plenty of tasks on his to-do list. Spearman earned his undergraduate degree in fashion design and merchandising at Wayne State University and is currently earning his graduate degree in menswear fashion design at the Academy of Art University.

We talked to Spearman about his take on body confidence, whether Detroit and Ann Arbor are style cities, and more.

Q: What first inspired you to get into fashion and blogging?
A: Well I’ve always been into fashion, even at an early age. I remember being in 1st grade asking my mother, “Does this outfit match?” I got into blogging in 2015 because I wasn’t seeing any representation of well-dressed and fashion-forward big and tall men. I figured I’d just be my own representation and help inspire other big guys on how to dress well while being trendy.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?
A: I would describe my personal style as being a mix of urban and preppy. 

Q: Do you find Detroit and Ann Arbor to be fashionable cities? How would you describe the swag here?
A: Yes, I find them to be fashionable cities. Detroit has always been known for its Motown style and fashion, which permeates to this day. Also, Ann Arbor is most definitely up and coming as it relates to style because of the diversity that the University of Michigan brings. It’s a melting pot of cultures with people from all over the world in one place, which helps to influence one another, even in fashion.

Q: Do you find blogging to be easy?
A: If you’re following your passion, then of course it’s going to be easy for you. But there is a higher level of difficulty and commitment, I must say, when it relates to being on top of what’s new in the fashion industry and while blogging on a consistent basis.

Q: What do you think develops your confidence in your size and approach to what you wear?
A: Over time I learned to love myself, embrace, and accept the things I can’t change, and work hard at changing the things that I have the capability of changing. 

Q: We often see society encouraging women to embrace their curves and fuller bodies but men aren't usually advised in the same way. What do you want big and tall men to learn from your brand?
A: What I want big and tall men to learn from my brand is that you can do or wear whatever a smaller guy is wearing and even look better while doing it. If they can do it, you can do it too. It just takes the right resources and my brand tries to provide those resources.

Q: I like to think of fashion as assistance with your personal attitude and demeanor. When you put on a great outfit, it can transform not only how you look but also how you feel. It can also get respect and admiration from others. In what ways do you think fashion can influence as a whole?
A: Yes, I agree. Your style and self-presentation set the precedence of how the world sees you. Your style often speaks before you do. 

Q: Fashion can be a very cutthroat industry with a lack of sensitivity to minorities. In many top magazines and websites, diversity isn't represented as often as it should be. What are your thoughts on the lack of representation for people of color and fuller-sized models?
A: I just think there needs to be more of it [diversity] and if we see that as an issue we need to be the change that we want to see. Let’s start putting in that work for magazines and websites and let them know how we can help. 

Q: Like many in the industry, my favorite fashion season is fall. What’s your favorite season?
A: My favorite season is fall as well. There’s nothing better than layering pieces together to create a fly ensemble.     

Q: Where do you see your brand in five years?
A: In five years my brand will have its own clothing line specializing in trendy and fashion forward big and tall clothing. 

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