Washtenaw County Mixtape: 2019 [updated: 2/20/19]


Washtenaw County Mixtape 2019

A regularly updated collection of music released in 2018 by Washtenaw County-associated acts and labels. Submit music to pulp@aadl.org.

The Kelseys
"Pollyanna" video from the Summer Light EP
Genre: indie rock, pop

The Stellars
"Rock N Roll Isn't On the Radio / Minutes to Midnight" single
Genre: indie rock, pop

Genre: indie rock, electronic, krautrock

Dr. Radical & Balter Black
Lectures EP
Genre: electronic

Venia LP, "Fast Forward to Forever" single, Love Equals Action: A Collection of Lost Tracks, Demos and Misfits collection, 37Heaven LP
Genre: electro-pop

William Hooker Trio with Mark Kirschenmann & Joel Peterson
Cycle of Restoration LP
Genre: jazz, experimental

Blue Jeans
Adult Hits LP
Genre: indie rock

Cultural Fog
Cultural Fog and Cultural Fog II LPs
Genre: ambient

Land & Buildings
Huron River Eclipse LP
Genre: ambient, indie, outsider

Elle Rowe
Momentum LP
Genre: jazz

Beartrap LP
Genre: jazz

Oren Levin
For When I Leave Home LP
Genre: singer-songwriter

Vice LP
Genre: hip-hop

Duncan McMillan
Album: Room With a View LP
Genre: jazz

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.

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