North Coast Modular Collective and MEMCO release new music and mixes, team for seminar


North Coast Modular Collective and Michigan Electronic Music Collective

With North Coast Modular Collective (NCMC) and Michigan Electronic Music Collective (MEMCO), crafting art and then guiding others on how to do it are at the core of these orgs' guiding principles. 

On Saturday, Jan. 11, at AADL's downtown location, NCMC and the U-M-associated MEMCO are teaming up to help people learn how to create music, DJ, and produce accompanying visuals. No registration required; just show up. Topics will include:

~ Introduction to Live Coding by David Minnix and TheTimeRipper
~ Getting Started With DJing
~ Ableton Live Production Demystified by Bill Van Loo
~ Introduction to DAW Production With FL Studio by Akshay Chacko
~ DIY Getting Started
~ Getting Started With Live Visuals

MEMCO and NCMC members are always busy creating their own music and mixes, including two recent DJ sets from the former and two new albums by artists with the latter:

The albums collective memory decay by XiNNiW (David Minnix) and Carriage House by Liquid Maus (NCMC's Jason Engling with Eric Bertrand) were created over long periods of time. collective memory decay is a collection of odds and ends Minnix started making in 2016, running the gamut from bouncy techno ("entrant") to broken-toned ambiance ("xinniw, neumic - remains"). Carriage House had a more circuitous history to its December 2019 release, beginning at least a decade prior when Engling first mailed Bertrand a CD-R comprised of textures extracted from acoustic instruments and organic sounds, which were then sampled, chopped, and blended. Bertrand stumbled upon the CD-R again in 2018, then he and Engling further treated the 13 minutes of blissful audio sculpture that constructs Carriage House.

Since last summer, MEMCO's Exposure series has highlighted mixes from various members of the collective. The latest DJs to be exposed are Miguel Cisneros (Volume 7) and Jack Withers (Volume 8), who attack their mixes from very different angles. Where Withers nods more frequently to sounds in the post-EDM era -- eerie synth pads, big bass drops, and a willingness to drop in a pop hook, Cisneros evokes the more industrial side of techno history, from hardcore to gabber.

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.

"Getting Started With Electronic Music," hosted by North Coast Modular Collective and Michigan Electronic Music Collective is Saturday, Jan. 11, 1-5 pm at AADL's downtown location. Free; no registration required.

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