Quaranstreams: Blue LLama, Erin Zindle's The Bird House, MEMCO, and others post calendar of livestream concerts


COVID-19 music

With everything being canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, musicians are turning to video livestreams to perform concerts. We'll be looking for these sorts of events by Washtenaw County artists and then posting the videos on Pulp, along with any ways you can help these musicians financially. If you are performing a remote or virtual concert, let us know by emailing pulp@aadl.org.

Since last weekend we've been posting livestreams during the quarantine by Washtenaw musicians. These concerts have happened somewhat spontaneously, but now that the whole world knows it's on lockdown for the foreseeable future, musicians and venues are actually booking livestreams well in advance.

Erin Zindle has been broadcasting concerts out of her Bird House, including two concerts by her band, The Ragbirds, one by her brother's group, TJ Zindle and The Power Lines, and another by Peter “Madcat” Ruth. Upcoming shows include:

➥ Wednesday, March 18, 7 pm: Mark Lavengood
➥ Thursday, March 19, 7 pm: Songwriter Night
➥ Friday, March 20, 10 pm: Telesonic 9000
➥ Saturday, March 21, 8 pm: Laith Al-Saadi
➥ Sunday, March 22, 7 pm: Alex Holycross of The Native Howl and Erin Zindle
➥ Monday, March 23: Macpodz Presents Mondays

The concerts are presented on The Ragbirds' Facebook page, and while there aren't individual Events for each show, there's a landing page that looks like it will be updated with the performance calendar.

Blue LLama streamed Ellen Rowe's Momentum on Saturday night before everything closed. It was a good test run for what was to come, and the Main Street jazz club is pushing ahead with a strong schedule of livestream concerts:

➥ Wednesday, March 18, 7 pm: Bob Sweet Quartet
➥ Friday, March 20, 7 pm: Hannah Baiardi & Friends
➥ Saturday, March 21, 8 pm: Tim Haldeman Quartet
➥ Wednesday, March 25, 7 pm: Emma Aboukasm Quartet
➥ Friday, March 27, 7 pm: Straight Ahead
➥ Sunday, March 29, 12 pm: Alex Anest Organ Trio
➥ Wednesday, April 1, 7 pm: Sarah D'Angelo
➥ Thursday, April 2, 7 pm: Andrew Brown’s Djangophonique

The hyperlinked artists' names will take you right to the Event page for each concert.

A few other future concerts by Michigan jazz artists are still listed as regular shows at Blue LLama, but it's likely these concerts will be converted to livestreams if the musicians are able to assemble. Those shows include:

➥ Wednesday, April 15, 7 pm: Juarez - Lee - Alvarez
➥ Thursday, April 16, 7 pm: Tim Flood Sextet
➥ Sunday, April 19, 11:30 am: Jake Reichbart Trio
➥ Wednesday, April 22, 7 pm: Roe Bickley Kramer Trio
➥ Sunday, May 3, 11:30 am: The Jazz Bums

If folk, blues, and jazz aren't up your alley, the Michigan Electronic Music Collective and Wax Kings are broadcasting DJ sessions through their Twitch pages. MEMCO's Instagram page says it will stream "every other day or so from now on." It's unclear how often Wax Kings will broadcast, but they will post Event links to their Facebook page.

In the livestreams, some artists might list ways you can support them directly during this period. The Arts Alliance has also set up a general fund to support creatives:

Creative Washtenaw Aid 2020 – COVID-19 Support
The Arts Alliance has established the Creative Washtenaw Aid 2020 fund to collect donations and extend assistance to artists and creative organizations adversely impacted by COVID-19. Visit a3arts.org to donate money or to apply for assistance.

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.