I Want My Music TV: Dre Dav, The Kelseys, Towner, Hi Potent C & Dyelow, and DruziBaby734


Music videos

A collection of recent-ish music videos from Washtenaw County artists Dre Dav, The Kelseys, Towner, Hi Potent C & Dyelow, and DruziBaby734.

Dre Dav featuring Aareus Jones, "Sins"
An homage to the 1995 Ice Cube and Chris Tucker comedy classic Friday, Dre Dav's "Sins" comes from The Pilot, one of two albums this creative and productive rapper released in 2020. The clip was shot by Travis Walker's Skywalker Visuals, which along with SoundWaveProductions734 are pretty much the go-to creators for hip-hop videos made by Washtenaw County artists. Check out Dav's YouTube channel for the four other music videos this Ann Arbor artist released in 2020.


The Kelseys, "Save the World"
Ann Arbor trio The Kelseys shot a video around town to support their latest single. The video is lighthearted and playful even if the song's lyrics are more socially pointed than the band's regular romantic fare, but the music's as catchy as ever. Also, where is that playground located? Looks dope. Need to take a field trip.  


Towner, "Better Than Mine" and "Crooks"
When I talked with Towner last month about the Ann Arbor trio's terrific debut album, This Is Entertainment, I didn't think to ask them about music videos. But Towner has released two clips: one for the shot-around-town "Better Than Fine" as well as for "Crooks," one of the album's best tracks.


Hi Potent C & Dyelow, "Horizon"
I talked with rapper Hi Potent C and producer Dyelow back in February about their excellent War Medicine album, but this clip for the single "Horizon" came out in June. Ypsi scenes are all over the place. Shot and edited by the aforementioned SoundWaveProductions734.


DruziBaby734, "New Metro"
I first heard Drew Denton, aka DruziBaby734, as member of the Ypsilanti hip-hop trio Approachable Minorities. But Denton is also a prolific solo artist under a variety of guises, and the "New Metro" single came out in July. Another clip made by SoundWaveProductions734.

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