WCBN's "The Local Show" honored the end of summer with a guest mix by Isaac Levine


WCBN - The Local Music Show

Since the pandemic forced WCBN's DJs out of the studio, the station has run a mix of previously aired shows and, as time has progressed, gradually added programs that the hosts record at home. Shelley Salant, who helms The Local Music Show, is one of those folks who has provided home-recorded shows the past few months, but she's also had some friends DJ from their pads. A few weeks ago, Ypsilanti's Isaac Levine—he of numerous bands and the Fish People Birds label—programmed a setlist dubbed "Summer Is Over and I Feel It" for The Local Music Show, and it's an excellent cross section of indie rock, hip-hop, electronica, and general weirdness from Washtenaw County artists.

Not every Local Music Show is posted to the archival Soundcloud page immediately, so the only other pandemic-era program on there right now is from July 22. But it's a prime example on how wide open The Local Music Show is to styles: the show features Dr. Pete Larson—a U-M epidemiologist by day; a nyatiti player and Dagoretti Records chief at night—along with Dr. Tiffany Ng's carillon concert in solidarity with Black Lives Matters.

I've embedded these two Local Music Shows below, but there's a weath of great shows going back years over on the Soundcloud.


Quote from “Inzane Michigan” -
Jib Kidder - Do You Like It
Avery F - no.3
Dani Darling - S + M
Nova Zaii - Zide
Rebel Kind - Everything you said was just a lie
Meanings - Marry My Phone
Failed Flowers - Supermarket Scene
Sonny Dulphi - Have you met my friend ?
Soft Location - Fools
Roxxandra - Moonrocks
Ke Thu - u3
Haunted - Because you’re a girl
Kathy Leisin - We can touch that way
Omar S - This Love Is 4 Real (first half)
Jonah Baseball - Bat Flip
Hintzfest + Ji Hoon - Seajazz2
Tree City - Headnod Gospel
Patrick Elkins - 2020
Fat Angry Hens - Fantasy
Herman - Summertime is gone and I feel it
Virga - It’s Totally Fine
Shells - WASH OVER
Ruby Monceaux / Sand Puzzle - Honeymoon Heights
False Figures - Some Lost Bar
Tyler Hicks - Bicycle Built for Two (J. Fahey)
River Spirit - Active Space


Interview w/ Dr. Pete Larson, and new music released during quarantine.


Dr. Tiffany Ng's concert in solidarity with #BLM. To follow along with the program notes please visit gobluebells.wordpress.com/2020/07/10/ng2020.

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.