Bootleg Washtenaw: Nirvana, April 10, 1990, at The Blind Pig


Someone recently uploaded Nirvana's April 10, 1990, show at The Blind Pig to YouTube for the umpteenth time with the bad audio and wonky video.

Why bother when there's the version above, which has been online since 2012 and it sounds pretty good? It also boasts the following: "New Custom 2-Camera Mix/Deshaked with synced Audio (Aud1 JWB remaster)."

"Deshaked" is a shaky but accurate technical term, and for that alone, I'm entering this version of the video onto the record as the definitive edition of this bootleg.


00:00 Intro
02:00 School
04:50 Floyd the Barber
07:50 Love Buzz [Shocking Blue cover]
12:10 Dive
16:07 Spank Thru
19:52 Breed
23:30 About a Girl
26:52 Big Cheese
30:20 Scoff
35:26 Molly's Lips [Vaselines cover]
38:28 Stain
41:10 Been a Son
43:08 Negative Creep
47:01 Blew

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.