Friday Five: Bradley Gurwin, Emilie Lin, Erik Miller Galow, Prol'e, Glockoma


Friday Five 01-08-2020

Friday Five highlights music by Washtenaw County-associated artists.

This week features ambient and minimalist electronica from Bradley Gurwin, new age piano channeled by Emilie Lin, electronic instrumental pop by Erik Miller Galow, and hip-hop via Prol'e and Glockoma.

Bradley Gurwin, Kerrytown II and GB-L
Kerrytown II is the second EP in 2020 that this Ann Arbor soundtrack artist named after Kerrytown roads, and like the first, it's a mix of found sounds, ambient, musique concrete, and digital processing. Gurwin's other new release is a full album and it's a whiplash ride through video-game music, vaporwave, off-kilter electronica, and the closing leftfield R&B song "Paper Blossoms and Dream Waters" featuring MEBO and Michael Hu.


Emilie Lin, "Glistening Lake"
Delicate, twinkling, new-age piano sounds flow from the fingers of Ann Arbor's Emilie Lin on this new single.

Erik Miller Galow, Fluorescent
A really nice mix of retro-wave and Tycho-like guitar+synth pop come together on the debut five-song EP by this Ann Arbor musician.


Prol'e, Take the Lead compilations
Two compilation albums of the numerous songs this Ann Arbor rapper has on his Bandcamp.

Glockoma, 2020 Visions (Strange Daze)
An epic 25-track album by this Ypsi rapper working with a multitude of producers.

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.