Friday Five: Disaster Relief with Thornetta Davis, The London Beck, Joshua Logan Alexander, G.B. Marian, Isolation Sundaze


Friday Five 06-04-2021

Friday Five is where we highlight music by Washtenaw County-associated artists and labels.

This week features soul from Disaster Relief with Thornetta Davis, hard rock from The London Beck, acoustic from Joshua Logan Alexander, industrial from G.B. Marian, and eclectic everything from Isolation Sundaze.


Disaster Relief with Thornetta Davis, "How I Feel" b/w "Not So Scared of You"
Ann Arbor's Darrin James and his fellow Townies in Disaster Relief hooked up with Detroit R&B singer Thornetta Davis for two big slices of tasty ol' funk.


The London Beck, The Black Satin Sessions
Ann Arbor's London Beck is part of the inaugural group of Amplify fellows, which supports Washtenaw County minority musicians and helps them make records. I believe The Black Satin Sessions is the result of that fellowship, and the first single is a heavy chunk of bluesy rock.


Joshua Logan Alexander, Houston EP
Joshua Logan Alexander isn't from Ann Arbor but his fiancee is and this New Yorker spent the pandemic with her here, which is where he recorded the Houston EP. This honorary Townie makes sweet-voiced tender acoustic pop.


G.B. Marian, Set Is Now
Evoking the industrial sounds of Throbbing Gristle and the repetition of Suicide, Ypsilanti's G.B. Marian's latest album-length ode to Egyptian gods is also his first with lyrics.


Isolation Sundaze, eight EPs
This long-distance collective, which includes Ann Arbor's David Minnix (Mirror Monster, North Coast Modular Collective), has been cranking out EPs throughout the pandemic, and the group just dropped eight more. There's no one sound to Isolation's Sundaze's music—it jumps between techno and jazz and rock and funk and whatever pops into the musicians' super-creative brains.


Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.