It's easy to visit AADL branches by bicycle!

In this video, discover some suggested routes for bicycling to the Westgate Library. Whether you are collecting Summer Game codes or going to a program, you can do it safely by pedal power!

Westgate Branches by BIKE


When turning left onto Maple from Stadium, cyclists can walk their bikes across the intersection as a pedestrian to avoid the “little tricky” left turn on their bike.

1. It would be great if the route maps were visible as graphics on this page (or at the end of the video - although I guess the final frame gets replaced by algorithmically suggested videos?)

2. Instead of taking Stadium to the tricky left on Maple, couldn't you take Liberty one more block to Maple and ride on the less busy road? Granted, it doesn't have a bike lane, but it may have less traffic.

3. We refer to that path at the end of Fair as "the Dairy Queen cut-through"

Thanks for your comments. You can now view the route map if you click the words "Route Map" on the left side of the screen under the word "Attachments." Happy (and safe) biking!

Could you please ask him to actually stop at the stop signs, unlike the one he completely blew through at 1:10? Also, please don't skip important sections of the route. It's better if people see the major road parts so that 1) they get over the idea that they're impassible, and 2) everyone can see that they're not bike friendly. But things don't have to be friendly to be usable.

For the library, why is that so little of the bike parking for the libraries is decent parking? I mean, he gets to the Westgate branch and is parking at bike parking that the city rejected some 20 years ago. That ground loop thing isn't permitted by city bike parking standards - it's very easy to destroy a bike on that stuff.

Thanks for your comment, kjmclark. We'll pass your comments on to the team that made the video. I'll address bike parking at Westgate; please understand that unlike all other AADL locations, AADL is a tenant at Westgate and the landlord is responsible for the outdoor infrastructure. It's also private property, not owned or operated by the city or the library. Sorry for the bike parking situation here. If you have other suggestions for improving the bike parking at AADL, you can always use the form, we always appreciate the feedback! Thanks again for your comments about this and we'll keep them in mind for future videos.

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