Friday Five: Black Note Graffiti, Goodyhead, Golden Feelings, Bakesbasha, Rohn - Lederman


Friday Five 08-06-2021

Friday Five highlights music by Washtenaw County-associated artists and labels.

This week features alternative rock by Black Note Graffiti, shoegaze by Goodyhead, meditation music by Golden Feelings, a funky house mix by Bakesbasha, and dark electronic pop by Rohn - Lederman.


Black Note Graffiti, Volume III: Fall and Volume III: Rise
Ann Arbor's Black Note Graffiti plays a polished, 1990s-inspired version of alternative rock with traces of grunge, metal, and the poppier side of that's era's punk. The band also does a version of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit," which gives you a solid idea of Black Note Graffiti's pre-'90s influences. The cover is on Rise, the companion to Fall; the two mini albums combine to form the quintet's third full-length album. Black Note Graffiti celebrates the release of the Fall / Rise with a concert at The Blind Pig on Friday, September 24, where you can also pick up the records on vinyl.


Goodyhead, Proof of Life EP
This indie-rock band from Ypsilanti released a promising two-song demo in 2018 and those two songs—newly recorded—plus three more are now part of a five-track EP documented by Fred Thomas. Everything about this sounds like an early '90s shoegaze release in the best possible way: guitars swim in chorus and fuzz as they buttress spoken-sung vocals that sit inside a hazy ambiance. 


Golden Feelings, "New Vibrations" and "Vibe Engineers Meditation No. 1"
Ann Arbor's Dustin Krcatovich is Golden Feelings, and he's started The Golden Feelings Vibe Engineers Club, which includes "a minimum of 25 minutes of EXCLUSIVE music per month" as well as whatever is released on his regular Bandcamp page. "Looking for slow-drifting, cosmic psychedelic music that's perfect for mellow yoga, study, or meditation?" he asks on the club's page, which I'm just going to use as a review for both the first subscription release, "Vibe Engineers Meditation No. 1," as well as the more widely available "New Vibrations," a 26-minute improvisation with no overdubs. 


Bakesbasha, Exposure Mix 029
There's none of his own music in the latest addition to the Michigan Electronic Music Collective (MEMCO) series of DJ mixes, but Ann Arbor-based producer Bakesbasha created a virtuoso blend of jazzy and funky house music "while he was getting ready for a wedding."


Rohn - Lederman, Watch Out! EP
Ann Arbor vocalist-keyboardist Emileigh Rohn, who has a long career leading the electronic music project Chiasm, has teamed with Belgian keyboardist-producer Jean-Marc Lederman—who has worked with a number of influential groups, from Fad Gadget and The The to Front 242 and The Weathermen—for a galloping, industrial-tinged techno-pop single. There are four mixes of "Watch Out!" here, from the Nectarine Ballroom-friendly remixes by Leaether Strip and Assemblage 23 to the slow-tempo Mark Hockings version and a Garbage-like mix produced by the headlining duo.

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.