Friday Five: i-sef u-sef, Zippy Bop, Brian Seabolt, Chien-An Yuan, Fundamental Sound Co.


Friday Five 10-15-2021

Friday Five highlights music by Washtenaw County-associated artists and labels.

This week features glitchy R&B created entirely on bassoon by i-sef u-sef, a disco mix by Zippy Bop, acoustic songs by Brian Seabolt, a pre-club mix by Chien-An Yuan, and a massive compilation of tunes recorded at Ypsilanti's Fundamental Sound Co.


i-sef u-sef, shaghara lemoune
I've never heard an album made entirely with a bassoon. I'm not talking about a bassoon solo record. Or a bassoon ensemble LP. Ann Arbor-based Eqyptian-American Yousef El-Magharbel created the 11 songs on his debut full-length album, Shaghara Lemoune, using only sounds from his bassoon, from the melodies and the bass to the harmonies and the drums. It's a little bit glitch-tronica, a little bit R&B, a little bit Arabic-tinged jazz, and a whole lotta fascinating music.


Zippy Bop, Exposure Mix
Michigan Electronic Music Collective (MEMCO) member Zippy Bop breaks into her parents (grandparents?!?) disco box and busts out some JAMS that evoke 1970s dance floors and blends them with modern floor-fillers inspired by that movement.


Brian Seabolt, Dandelion
This Ann Arbor artist's Bandcamp bio reads, "Aging songwriter and DIYist having another go." Keep going, Brian! Seabolt's songs are built on his steel-string acoustic guitar fingerpicking, and his sound evokes the earnest folk music of Cat Stevens and James Taylor.


Chien-An Yuan, Club Prelude Vol. 1
Chien-An Yuan is one of my favorite Ann Arbor creatives because he's so good at so many different mediums, from creating experimental music to filming creative dances to taking beautiful photos, and he never stops working on his art. He recently released a mixtape and—surprise—it's great. I'll let his Mixcloud write-up explain Club Prelude Vol. 1:

Recently going through my 2000-01 notebooks and I saw that I wrote down an idea for a club - only open from 6-11pm as Club Prelude and then from 2am-5am as Coda Lounge. Basically, a place to hang out before you ball out and a space to decompress afterwards. For Club Prelude, the plan was always to pay tribute to all the amazing London club nights I'd read about in the 90's - DJ nights at The Social, Metalheadz Sunday Sessions at The Blue Note, and of course, Gilles Peterson and James Lavelle's That's How It Is at Bar Rumba - the mix of breaks, jazz, drum and bass, hip hop - it all seemed like some kind of magical musical fantasyland to me.

This tracklist is mostly culled from tracks that were played at That's How It Is - tracks that were so hard to find in the 90's but now bananas easy. So yeah, enjoy - you've worked hard all day. Pour yourself that drink and mellow out a bit before the night picks up - but still, obviously - turn it up!


Various Artists, Fundamental Sound Co.
Taylor Greenshields' Ypsilanti-based Fundamental Sound Co. recording studio has captured numerous area musicians, from singer-songwriter Dani Darling to jam band Stormy Chromer, among many others. He recently posted a Spotify collection of 100 songs by Washtenaw County artists that he's recorded the studio.

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.