Have you ever wanted fresh herbs in the middle of the winter without having to drive to the grocery store? Or you want to grow plants indoors because you don't have any garden space outside? Follow along with one AADL staff member's experiments to grow herbs in his basement in the cold months. Don't let the lack of space or sun keep you from making winter pesto!

This project used a relatively expensive full-spectrum LED grow light attached to the basement ceiling with rope pulleys, IKEA bed slats cut into a frame, and a domed tray with a seed starter medium. While the results have been disappointing so far, experimenting with the height of the LED, hours of use, and temperature of the soil, the plants should do better in the next round.

For more resources on gardening or to learn about AADL's Seed Sampler service, visit aadl.org/seedsampler.

An image of four illustrated herbs (Cilantro, Dill, Thyme, and Rosemary) on a paper textured background, with the event title written in green.

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