Native New Yorker Jacquelyn Ottman — a fifth generation member of one of New York City’s pioneering family of butchers, will unpack the rich history of Ottman & Company, one of New York City's premier meat purveyors to New York’s finest restaurants including Le Pavilion, 21, and the Four Seasons, and eventually the world.

In this richly illustrated, 90-minute webinar, she will cover:

• A brief history of the roots of New York's Meatpacking District, and examples of its now preserved architecture;
• The inside story of her family’s meat-purveying business, with roots to NYC’s Fulton Market of the 1850s, and,
• How technological advancements such as vacuum packaging pioneered by her family's business helped to transform how meat is prepared in restaurant and home kitchens across the world.

Along the way, she will share rare historical photos from her family's private collection, and untold stories handed down from previous generations of family members. Ottman is the author of About Ottman & Company: Meatpacking District Pioneers.

This event is in partnership with Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor.

Culinary Historians | Unpacking The Meatpacking District Legacy of Ottman & Company.

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