Join the spooky Dr. Spooky as he leads you through a ghastly crypt of riddles and wraiths. Exhume yourselves for a chance to win freaky gift card prizes and spooky accoutrements. It'll be the spookiest!

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Helllllooooo from Dr. Spooky! My apologies for the delayed response, but both of my arms rotted off and I had to have them reattached. By a GHOST. World Famous Trivia is technically for adults, but it isn't "adults only". So, that being said, all ages are welcome! I shall warn you that this is the only themed WFT, and all questions will be spooky, and if I were to compare it to a MPAA rating, I'd call it PG-13. Nothing offensive or disgusting, just some mild horror/ghoul/funk pop culture amusement. Also spooky lights and candy. Hope to see you there! If you have any other questions, please respond here or write to


Dr. Spooky, PhD.

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