Come in your flashiest, most beautiful, or most outrageous costume to AADL’s annual costume contest!

2022 Halloween Costume Contest
To enter, you must be seen by the judges between 12:30-2:00 pm. The award ceremony will be held at 2:30 pm. We will have a photo booth in the Lobby (from 12:00-3:00 pm) for all to commemorate the day.

Target gift cards for $40 will be awarded in these categories:

Best Overall Kids Costume WINNER / SEA MONSTER

Best Overall Kids Costume
Best Overall Teen Costume WINNER / ELVIN MAGE

Best Overall Teen
Best Overall Adult Costume / Destroying Angel Mushroom / Deadly Amanita

Best Overall Adult
Best Overall Family Costume / Magic School Bus 

Best Overall Family

Special Halloween medals will be awarded in the following categories:

Best Simple, Yet Sophisticated / Titanic

Best Simple Yet Sophisticated

Best Book Character / Prince Gwydion & Taran, Assistant Pig from Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander

Best Book Character

Best Popular Character Costume / Red Riding Hood & Big Bad Wolf with FULL belly!

Best Popular Character

Most Creative Family Costumes / The Owl's House characters

Most Creative Family

Most Creative Group Costumes / Wizard of Oz

Most Creative Group Costome

Best Parent & Baby / Baby Pilot, Mama plane and Daddy Aircraft marshaller

Best Parent & Baby

Most Esoteric / Plague Doctor

Most Esoteric

Most "Locally Inspired" Costume / Artist David Zinn 

Most Locally Inspired

Most "Of the Moment" / The Queen, her corgie & her Guard

Most Of the Moment

Best Use of Special Effects / Invisible Man

Best Use of Special Effects

Most Hilarious / Thorrito / Thor-Burrito

Most Hilarious

Most Complex / Bees & Flowers

Most Complex

Best & Brightest Colored / Nyan Cat

Best & Brightest Colored

Most Disgusting/Gross / Mayonnaise on the escalator meme

Most Disgusting

Best Robot

Best Robot

Best Flying Object / Dementor from Harry Potter

Best Flying Object

Best Baby in Costume / Madeline

Best Baby


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