WFT ATC3 Zults 'n That


Good morning when I wrote this, World Famous Trivia Triers,

Wow, I say, what a fantasmic night of incredible trivia action forthshown last Friday night at AADL's world famous but not trivial Westgate Branch for World Famous Trivia, which took place at night! With almost 50 crazed-out trivia nutjobs in attendance, and 14 teams, it was our biggest and most humiliating WFT since 2020, a year when everything went well! Your hosts thank you MOST thankingly for making it your monthly duty and by gosh PURPOSE to fix all of the world's problems through trivia.

A quick admonishment before some zults are vealed. The next WFT will be held at an unknown time and location here:

FRIDAY, DEC. 16, 5:30pm @ AADL Westgate Branch

Now, no one knows exactly when or where that is, so "stay" tuned "to" your favorite weekly emails for more Mississippi Funclooz regarding this frightening mystery.

AND NOW, some zults.

Please note that the following SFW zults will highlight the fabulous winners of not-so-unfabulous prizes such as Local American Target Store Gift Cards and AADL Bags To Grab!


Game 1

1) Interrobangz (34, 34)

2) Tenacious Trivarians (32, 33)

3) Mount Fuji Principle (32, 32)


Game 2

same thing


I don't think we've ever had more viciously exciting results than that! The main point is that every single possible person who showed up for WFT IS the smartest person of all time, possibly, and they had even more fun than they are smart!

For fuller zults, please conzult this here site here, which I made:

IF you are interested in being a part of World Famous Trivia in December, please come to World Famous Trivia.

P.S. Thanks teams for all the snacks!


Your Host,