Town Famous I MEAN WORLD Famous Trivia This Friday!

Greetings TFT I MEAN WFT fans who enjoy the overuse of jokes that weren't funny the first time,

Many of you, including me, will never even HEAR of World Famous Trivia until

Friday, December 16, 5:30pm @ Westgate Branch

I insist that you continue to hear of it while you are playing on Friday, as well as see of it and probably smell of it. As you aren't not non-unaware, prizes shall not only be awarded, but possibly even rewarded, the likes of which are of the utmost inclusivity, whose very inclusion includes "local" Target Gift Cards equaling a dollar amount/value, and arguably the most popular prize in all of trivinometry: the bag.

And here's a little gift for your unloved ones this holiday season:

Check out that graphic the marketing team made. That's real good.

AND here's a giant gift for your unloving ones:

The only thing I look forward to AT ALL in my life is seeing you this Friday for World Famous Trivia. That and those little Fritos Honey BBQ crispy Flavor Twist things.


Your former host,

Current Host Christian