To those of you who are reading this,

If there was anyone who DIDN'T have fun at last week's World Famous Trivia, it certainly wasn't me, except for afterward when I went somewhere and ordered "loaded" pretzel bites and there wasn't a single thing loaded into them. I even had to LIFT them to dip them and then lift them again to eat them. Name me one restaurant where you have to lift stuff. Anyway, like I was saying, I had a super fun time with those snacks AND at World Famous Trivia, where everyone on this email list was.



WFT, 5:30pm Friday January 27 @ Westgate Branch



Czech these scores or what.

Game 1

1) Interrobangz (17, TB1)

2) Rudolph's Posse (17, TB2)

3) Puzzled Peeps (15)


Game 2

1) Puzzled Peeps (17)

2) Interrobangz! (14)

3) At-Eek (11)


As you dare to know, these teams, being the winners with the most least-useful knowledge, could win, did win, and then won, either a $20 or $10 Target Brand Supermarket Store gift card, or THE BAG. THE BAG of course contains AADL cork coasters and multi-colored hexagonal crayons. I'm serious.

Hey and guess what, even though not a single recipient of this email read past the first "those" in this email, nobody, not even any of the teams who were at World Famous Trivia, got the final question of Game 1 correct. Now, some of you might say that this denotes a lousy question, and you would be right. I guess. I don't know, I feel like a good "rule" for writing trivia questions is that if nobody gets it right, it ain't a good question. AND YET, I thought it was fun, and I think everyone who was there had fun with it until they hated it. Here it is:


What is the only U.S. state that borders as many states as it has letters in its name?


Have a go at it without looking at a map, or just look at a map if you hate trivia and small cats and dogs.

Ok I do believe I am out of time and anything at all even remotely interesting to say or type, so I'm out.

Thank you to everyone who continues to come to World Famous Trivia! See you all in the new year, which I'm sure will be different this time, and things are really going to change.


Your Host,

Christian, employed host