WFT Zults From 01/27 + Horoscopes!

Hello everyone who has ever heard of World Famous Trivia,

Appy-polly-loggies for my, how do you say, prompt and punctual review of our punct and promptual World Famous Trivia session on the VERY January 27th that it happened.

*Did You Know: "We" had FIFTY THREE happy campers who enjoyed trivia while toasting smudgie pies and getting rained on two years in a row at our "most" recent WFT! That is the highest mathematical number of confabulants and recalcitrants since pprrrooooobbabbbbly the first WFT ever at AADL, in July of 2019, when we had just over 60, most of whom NEVER RETURNED after they saw how I do things.

Anyway that (this last one) was lucky lucky number 13 teams worths, and ALL thirteen of them won! Except for nine of them, who aren't listed here:

Game 1

1) Interrobangz (30)

2) Frog and Toad (29)

3) Puzzled Peeps (27, TB1)


Game 2

1) Interrobangz (37)

2) Mt. Fuji Principle (30)

3) Puzzled Peeps (28)


Wow what action.


Also I would like everyone to know about the philanthropicity and magnanimity (huh that's a real word) of the Interrobangz! for passing along the more "valuable" prizes to their co-foes. YES, they are the team to beat, but I don't want people to get discouraged about winning or losing the coveted local Target gift cards or the highly regarded AADL Fun Sacks. The Interrobangz! have been beaten, and "we" like to see it, so study up on Cinnamon Toast Crunch mascots and lakes with super naughty names already if you're into it.

The next World Famous Trivia is only three weeks away, Friday, February 24 at 5:30pm!



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THANK YOU for joining me for World Famous Trivia every month! I am a delight.


Your person,


C is for Host