World Famous Trivia Friday 3/24 Apparently!

Various contestants,

Some of you have heard of World Famous Trivia, and some of you even LIKE it. So, it is my terrible burden to blast the following informative... data at you. Ugh I wish there was a noun for things that are informative. Anyway, here is the informative thing:

WFT FRIDAY 3/24, 5:30pm @ WESTGATE

You know this, y'all know this.

Let us (as in you) keep it short today with the following links.

1) <----------send this one to your friends!

B) <----------DON'T send this one to ANYBODY

Oh my dear sweet sky the questions this Friday are going to be totally off the school's chain hook, which is old.


I hope to see you Friday, as do ALL OF YOUR RIVALS.


The person who wrote this and who is the host of World Famous Trivia too,