RJ Smith discusses "Chuck Berry: An American Life," his comprehensive and critically acclaimed portrait of one of the greatest American entertainers, guitarists, and lyricists of the 20th century. Based on interviews, archival research and a deep understanding of Berry's birthplace St. Louis, Smith sheds new light on a man few have ever really understood. While celebrating his accomplishments, the book does not shy away from troubling aspects of his public and private life, asking profound questions about how and why we separate the art from the artist.

Martin Bandyke of ann arbor's 107one will host the event, which includes a signing with books for sale.

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In addition to our conversation about his book, we would like to show a few images of Chuck Berry and also play a few of his tunes. Could RJ screen the JPEG images he'll bring on his laptop, and could he bring a CD to play the tunes?
He could also email the JPEGs to the AADL and we could play the songs from my smartphone using Spotify.