Monday Mix: MEMCO and Immaculate Conception dance sets, Indie Pop Takeout radio shows


Cover art for the collections discussed in this edition of Monday Mix.

Every week since September 11, 2020, we've published the Friday Five to highlight local music. By my abacus, that's more than 150 columns spotlighting nearly 800 music projects—singles, EPs, albums, and videos—by Washtenaw County-associated artists and labels.

Dance mixes by student DJs at the (University of) Michigan Electronic Music Collective (MEMCO) are featured frequently on Friday Five, as are those by Immaculate Conception, a group comprised of MEMCO grads that promotes works by women and gender-nonconforming people.

With MEMCO and Immaculate Conception cranking out mixes almost weekly, it made sense to highlight these DJ sets alongside various other Washtenaw County music-based podcasts and radio shows in an occasional column: Monday Mix. 

For our first round, here are five recent dance mixes by MEMCO and Immaculate Conception members along with recent episodes of the weekly internet radio program Indie Pop Takeout.


Indie Pop Takeout
I'm not sure how long Dexter's Chip Saam has hosted this internet show for Neighborhood Weekly Radio, but there are more than three years of Indie Pop Takeout programs archived on his Mixcloud page. If you haven't been able to tune in live between 8 am and 10 am for the past 155 Saturdays, you've missed out on a lot of great music on the show, whose playlists stay true to the genre in the title. While Saam mostly focuses on releases within the past five years, including a ton of brand new music, he'll also throw in tunes from the forebearers of jangle, shoegaze, and sophisti-pop including Aztec Camera, The Church, and The Blue Nile. (Saam is also a member of the fab indie-pop group Crossword Smiles, which was interviewed by Pulp last year.)


22X, Exposure Mix 061
Lovepark, Exposure Mix 062
22X mixes drum 'n' bass and hard techno. Lovepark focuses on electropop and danced-up remixes of R&B songs.


DJ Egg, Fruits of Our Labor 007
Amino, Fruits of Our Labor 008
Mira, Fruits of Our Labor 009

Amino goes heavy on acid techno (no surprise considering the DJ name). DJ Egg put together a whiplash mix that blends pop, R&B, and industrial techno. Finally, Mira's mix starts upbeat but the majority of the tunes are downtempo and introspective—the type of thing you'd listen to in the car on the ride home after listening to all the other MEMCO and Immaculate Conception DJs mentioned here.

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.