Monday Mix: Marcus Elliott, Nolan Wayne, Oblongata, DJ Cheesecake, Sapphyree, Steph Who?, Agent 99, PoetTreeTown, WCBN's Local Music Show and Electric Kingdom


Cover art for the albums and singles featured in the Monday Mix.

The Monday Mix is an occasional roundup of mixes, compilations, podcasts, and more by Washtenaw County-associated artists, DJs, radio stations, and record labels.

For this edition, we have a jazz concert from Marcus Elliot, DJ mixes from MEMCO and Immaculate Conception members, original poems read by local authors as part of the PoetTreeTown project, and live performances from WCBN's Local Music Show and Electric Kingdom program.


Marcus Elliot, Sonic Contributions: Live Dress Rehearsal
On September 22 and 23 of last year, U-M grad and Detroit-based saxophonist Marcus Elliot presented Sonic Contributions at the Ypsilanti Freighthouse. It's a long-form combination of jazz, hip-hop, and spoken word that was commissioned by UMS and the African American Cultural & Historical Museum of Washtenaw County. The work celebrated the city's history "as a refuge for Black Americans dating back to the 1830s" and Ypsilanti's bicentennial. The seven-piece ensemble's dress rehearsal was recorded, and in late February, UMS posted the performance to YouTube.


Nolan Wayne, Exposure Mix 067
Oblongata, Exposure Mix 068
DJ Cheesecake, Exposure Mix 069
The three latest in the Michigan Electronic Music Collective's long-running series of dance mixes that highlight new U-M DJs. You can check out all of MEMCO's Exposure mixes here.


Sapphyree, Fruits of Our Labor, Mix 0020
Steph Who?, Fruits of Our Labor, Mix 0021
Agent 99, Fruits of Our Labor, Mix 0022
Immaculate Conception is a spin-off of graduated MEMCO members, and its three newest mixes continues its mission to highlight "the creative expression of women and gender-nonconforming people and celebrating the feminine in all its forms. You can listen to all of the Fruits of Our Labor mixes here.


Various artists, PoetTreeTown 2023
Various artists, PoetTreeTown 2024

Ann Arbor writer Cameron Finch has collected local poets reading their works and posted the pieces to Soundcloud as part of the PoetTreeTown project. You can also read the Finch-curated weekly poetry postings at the Ann Arbor Observer here and read an article about the PoetTreeTown project here. If you're walking around downtown Ann Arbor in April, you might notice numerous poems posted in shop windows. This is another Finch project, and you can see a map of where all the poems are posted here.


Various artists, 2024 WCBN LMS Live In-Studio Performances
Just our regular reminder of what a treasure trove the WCBN Local Music Show is, and thanks to the archival work of station volunteer Jason Adam Voss, you can now scan performances by year going back to 2022. While there are 30 years of performances floating around, and many are already on Soundcloud, it's great to see them put into these playlist blocks, which I assume will eventually go back to the start of the show.


Dr. Pete Larson, WCBN Electric Kingdom
Jason Adam Voss is also a regular on the WCBN airwaves ever since 2000. Electric Kingdom was a show started by Chris Threesprocket in 2002 as a three-hour showcase of live electronic music performances that eventually went on hiatus, but Voss relaunched the program earlier this year as a one-hour spotlight every Saturday night at 12 am. (That's basically still Friday night for you and me). The performances are prerecorded, and I haven't seen an ongoing archive yet, but Dr. Pete Larson recently posted his Electric Kingdom appearance over on his Dagoretti Records / Great Corner Sound Soundcloud page.

Christopher Porter is a library technician and the editor of Pulp.