Author Event | Aaron Ahuvia: The Things We Love: A Workshop Of Self Discovery

Love occurs mainly between people, yet we also love all sorts of other things, such as sports teams, phones, photos, cars, clothing, hobbies, and nature. Is that love the same as loving a person? Is it really love at all? Does it compete with other people for our affection? Does it make our lives richer? Can it go too far?

Chasing the Aurora Below the 45th Parallel

Realize your dream of viewing the Northern Lights, getting the tools and advice you need to finally catch an Aurora display near your home. With a deeply felt passion for the Aurora, Melissa F. Kaelin has helped hundreds of people see the Northern Lights for the first time. She is the Founder of the Michigan Aurora Chasers and the author of Below the 45th Parallel: The Beginner’s Guide to Chasing the Aurora in the Great Lakes Region.

This event includes a signing with books for sale.