Author Event | Crossing the Line: Finding America in the Borderlands with Sarah Towle

It was family separation and “kids in cages” that drove Sarah Towle to the border. On discovering the many-headed Hydra that is the US immigration complex, she could never look away again. In Crossing the Line: Finding America in the Borderlands, Sarah exposes, layer by “broken” layer, a system failing everyone—save the profiteers and demagogues who benefit from it. Yet she also finds hope: in the everyday acts of ordinary people who daily model a better way.

Juneteenth: The History and Aftermath of African American Women

Join Professor Peter Boykin as he delves into the history of Juneteenth, recognizing the abolition of slavery, and explores how this recently established national holiday has helped African Americans transition through the centuries.

Professor Peter Boykin is a history instructor at Wayne County Community College District in Detroit. He is also a public speaker on numerous topics pertaining to African American History ranging from Reconstruction to the accomplishments of several family members including Johnson Whittaker, his great-great-grandfather.