Poetry Reading | Russell Brakefield and Katie Hartsock: Blurry Radiant Landscapes

In his late twenties, poet Russell Brakefield was diagnosed with keratoconus, a degenerative eye condition causing progressive loss of sight. His new collection, My Modest Blindness, traverses this blurry landscape, connecting art, literature, natural history, and pop culture. In her late twenties, poet Katie Hartsock was diagnosed with late-onset Type 1 diabetes. Her new collection, Wolf Trees, meditates on this chronic illness and its daily demands alongside motherhood, mythology, and Midwestern woods.

Author Event | The Joy of Costco

David and Susan Schwartz are two of the most enthusiastic speakers and biggest Costco fans you’d ever want to meet. In their new book, The Joy of Costco: A Treasure Hunt from A to Z (Hot Dog Press; September 12, 2023), they describe the many positive attributes of this retail giant and well-known civic leader. During the event, they will discuss the amazing scale on which Costco operates, describe the “behind the scenes magic” of a day in the life of a Costco Warehouse, and share numerous fun facts that are quite unexpected. 

Writing as a Means of Coping with Stress

Jan Leland is a long time Ann Arbor mental health therapist with a background in helping her patients develop coping mechanisms for dealing with chronic stress. She is also a first-time published author who has used writing as a way to cope with stress. At this educational event, she will discuss how these two experiences came together during the first year of the COVID pandemic.

Author Event | RJ Smith: Chuck Berry: An American Life

RJ Smith discusses "Chuck Berry: An American Life," his comprehensive and critically acclaimed portrait of one of the greatest American entertainers, guitarists, and lyricists of the 20th century. Based on interviews, archival research and a deep understanding of Berry's birthplace St. Louis, Smith sheds new light on a man few have ever really understood.

Author Event | Anthony Marra: Mercury Pictures Presents

Literati Bookstore and the Ann Arbor District Library welcome bestselling, award-winning author Anthony Marra in support of the paperback release of Mercury Pictures Presents, The epic story of a brilliant woman who must reinvent herself to survive in 1940s Hollywood and fascist Europe, a timeless tale of love, deceit, and sacrifice.

Author Event | Beth Raymer: Fireworks Every Night

“Florida, we got it all. Motor sports, ribs, beer. You can drive on the sand right on up to the ocean. Fireworks every night.”

That's how 12-year-old C.C.’s father, who named her after his beloved Canadian Club whiskey, describes the appeal of their new home in Beth Raymer's debut novel Fireworks Every Night. A People Magazine Book of the Week the week of its debut, the novel is about a young woman trapped in a deeply dysfunctional family in the seedy wilds of 1990s South Florida who has to make a choice—save her family, or save herself.

Author Event | Greg Harden: Stay Sane in an Insane World: How to Control the Controllables and Thrive

Greg Harden launches his book Stay Sane in an Insane World: How to Control the Controllables and Thrive at AADL!

Greg Harden is a Peak Performance Coach, motivational speaker, and executive consultant who is best known for his work with seven-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady. He also worked with Heisman Trophy winner and Super Bowl MVP Desmond Howard, and twenty-three-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps.