Exhibit | Women Who Read

"Women Who Read," an art installation curated by Kymmburleigh Clark, is an evocative exploration of the relationship between women and education through the lens of art. This powerful exhibit brings together over 100 artworks from various artists past and present, ranging from resold paintings to prints and originals, each depicting women and girls in the act of reading. Sourced from thrift stores, antique shops, and online finds, these pieces collectively underscore the historical and contemporary significance of women's access to education.

Exhibit | Soaring Like a Dragon as Good Fortune Beckons: Art Prints from Taiwan

This exhibit features lithograph and relief prints from eight Taiwanese artists on the theme of "Soaring Like a Dragon as Good Fortune Beckons." For the past 39 years, the Taiwan Ministry of Culture has invited artists to create prints in celebration of the Lunar New Year season. This exhibit features two commissioned prints and six first-prize winners chosen by judges under the auspices of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.

Exhibit | The Art of Zingerman's: A Feast for Your Eyes

Warning: this exhibit may increase your need for a nosh. Zingerman’s aesthetic is instantly recognizable and well-known here in Ann Arbor and across the country. Artist Ian Nagy has been an immeasurable contributor to the brand for more than 33 years. His illustrations, hand-done in pencil, ink, and paint, capture the spirit of fun, food, and community that is Zingerman’s.

Exhibit | Heal Our World

Be it the act of creating art or consuming it, art is healing. The artist experiences a mind / body synergism as they bring ideas to life in the physical world, yet the physical world falls away while the artist is in creative flow. A timeless peace takes over as the artwork is born. 

To the viewer, an art piece can be inspirational, exhilarating, profound, and/or moving. There is no limit to the positive effects a piece can have on an individual. It is the greatest gift to the artist when they touch someone's soul. 

Exhibit | Family Foundations: Four Stories of Black Washtenaw County Community Building, 1850 to 1950

This exhibit features the origin stories of four historic Black families from the area, the Jewett and Asher-Aray families from Ann Arbor and Pittsfield Township, and the Kersey and Bass families from Ypsilanti. Using photographs, records, and oral histories, the descendants retell the stories of how their families laid the foundation for generations of Black community building to come.

An opening reception will be held in the Downtown Library 3rd floor exhibit space on Sunday, June 9, from 3:00–5:00pm.

Exhibit | Mochimochi Land

Anna Hrachovec is a Chicago-based designer and artist who combines her passions for knitting and characters to create toys, installations and animations that excite people of all ages. What started out as Anna’s hobby in 2007 has grown over the years into a huge imaginary realm called Mochimochi Land – where a cast of creatures of all sizes and types play, fight and occasionally eat each other.

Exhibit | Touch of the Sea

Dragos Burghiue's Touch of the Sea contains seascape paintings with a robust level of texture. The exhibit contains a series of seascapes featuring different weather patterns and a sailing vessel riding the sea. The vessel gives the viewer a platform for perspective, so that they can be anchored into the scene itself. In choosing these sailing seascapes as subject matter, Burghiue highlights the dichotomy of the ruthless power of the sea with the human endeavor to make use of its benefits.