Name That Tune

Join forces with up to seven friends (or strangers!) to NAME. THAT. TUNE! Compete in four rounds with different themes ('80s, breakup songs, oldies, etc.) to see which team can be the first to name the artist and title of each song played. Leave with a prize or maybe just an earworm.

A Taste of RPGs: Shiver

Watch AADL staff try out a series of tabletop role-playing games to get a taste of the wide variety of genres, play styles, and rulesets that exist today. This time they are playing Shiver, a horror RPG that is adaptable to a range of different settings with character archetypes pulled from popular movies. Every roll of the dice has consequences, even if not immediately apparent. Too many failures and the Doom Clock ticks up! Who cut the power in the old barn? What is that horrible roaring sound in the junkyard?


Join us for a relaxing and challenging afternoon of chess—one of the world's most popular games! Players of all ages and skill levels are welcome! Drop in at any point over the course of the program to play old friends and meet new ones. Instruction is not provided, but tutorial handouts are available. Chess sets are provided.