NEW TITLE Plastic Dishes on the Table: America’s Love Affair with Melamine in the Mid-20th Century

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the talk entitled "Living with Plastics: The Promise of Mid-20th Century Melamine Dinnerware" will not be given by Christopher Geoffrey McPherson. In its place, Margaret Carney, Director of the International Museum of Dinnerware Design, will give a talk entitled "Plastic Dishes on the Table: America’s Love Affair with Melamine in the Mid-20th Century." 

7 Lessons I Learned Becoming a Professional Youtuber with Joe Samulak

Join local YouTube professional Joe Samulak of Kids2Kids for this introductory talk including lessons learned on the road to transforming a passion into a full-time career. Come to learn about the YouTuber experience from Joe (or even his 9-year-old son) and connect with others who are interested in starting a YouTube channel or already active on the platform.







Ballot Proposals & Election Process: What You Need to Know

Join the League of Women Voters of Washtenaw County to learn more about upcoming ballot proposals in the November election. Learn about the upcoming proposals concerning financial disclosure reports by elected officials, provisions for voters, and reproductive rights, as well as general information about the process of voting where you live.

This event is in partnership with the League of Women Voters of Washtenaw County.

Early Childhood Language Development with Mehreen Kakwan

Mehreen Kakwan, speech pathologist and author of Billy Gets Talking, will discuss early childhood language development and issues that could prompt a parent to seek out a specialist for a speech-language evaluation. She will focus on early speech and language milestones for children between the ages of 1 to 4 years old, sharing techniques for encouraging receptive and expressive language development. She will also touch on bilingualism and certain disorders such as childhood apraxia and autism as they relate to language.

The Life and Music of Vicente Lusitano

Join University of Michigan faculty member Garrett Schumann and UK-based choir conductor Joseph McHardy for a thrilling exploration of the life and music of Afro-Portuguese Renaissance composer Vicente Lusitano. This presentation will feature video and audio of McHardy’s world-class performances of Lusitano’s compositions recorded earlier this summer, alongside discussion of the pair’s collaborative research uncovering new details of Lusitano’s music and biography.

How To Apply to College (And Afford It!)

Join the team at Fair Opportunity Project, an international education non-profit that started at Harvard and won Forbes 30 Under 30, in an informational session to address some misconceptions about the college application and financial aid. This session will also give students (and parents!) access to free resources to support them along their college application journey, including help with standardized tests, college essays, scholarships, and financial aid.