A Field Trip to the Library with Channel 6's Spencer Hall and Holly Anderson

The Channel 6 news team—Spencer Hall and Holly Anderson—visit the Downtown Library for the second time in their professional careers to talk college football and world history, and to thank 2024 Charity Bowl donors from the University of Michigan fan base for raising close to $300,000 in aid of refugee resettlement. 

Nerd Nite @ Top of the Park

Gather ‘round for an evening of informed and informal talks from a friendly neighborhood expert! We’ll have three speakers, each presenting on a different topic and sharing interesting facts that you never knew you never knew! Past Nerd Nite speakers have led deep dives into topics from the legacy of Louis Pasteur, to the origin of elements, to how a trumpet works, to a dissection of romance novel tropes. So bring a friend, grab a drink, and enjoy an evening among fellow nerds. Be there and be square!

Juneteenth: The History and Aftermath of African American Women

Join Professor Peter Boykin as he delves into the history of Juneteenth, recognizing the abolition of slavery, and explores how this recently established national holiday has helped African Americans transition through the centuries.

Professor Peter Boykin is a history instructor at Wayne County Community College District in Detroit. He is also a public speaker on numerous topics pertaining to African American History ranging from Reconstruction to the accomplishments of several family members including Johnson Whittaker, his great-great-grandfather.

KYLYN Festival Panel Discussion: The Fold of the Righteous

"The Fold of the Righteous" is a panel discussion that explores the importance of intersectional solidarity between the Asian Pacific Islander American (APIA), Black, Latinx, and all communities.In the face of systemic oppression and marginalization, these communities have historically faced unique challenges and experiences. However, there is also a shared history of struggle, resistance, and resilience that binds them together.

KYLYN Festival Panel Discussion: Can Art Grace Our Troubled World?

In a world often plagued by conflict, uncertainty, and inequity, art can offer a glimmer of hope and solace. But how exactly can art grace our troubled world?

This panel discussion will explore the power of art to heal, inspire, and bring people together. We will discuss how art can provide a platform for dialogue, foster understanding, and promote intersectional solidarity and social change.

Boblo Boats and the Story of Sarah E. Ray

Many Detroiters fondly remember Boblo Island, yet few remember that the amusement park and its ferries were once segregated. Peel back the layers of nostalgia to hear the story of Sarah Elizabeth Ray, the African American woman whose 1945 court case challenged discrimination on the Boblo Boat. When she won before the U.S. Supreme Court, hers became one of many test cases that paved the way for Brown v. Board of Education (1954), and the end to legal segregation in America.

Anxiety in Adults and Kids: Tips for All Ages

Join Michigan Medicine Department of Psychiatry experts from the child and adult anxiety clinics in this free educational talk.

The speakers will give a short presentation about anxiety, explain how it differs in kids and adults, touch on treatment methods and medication options, and highlight what you can do to calm your own anxiety and help your children cope with theirs.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A with the audience.

This event is in partnership with Michigan Medicine Department of Psychiatry.

Art History in the Afternoon: Banksy

Learn about Banksy from Kelsey Museum Docent and retired art teacher Kathy Gunderson.

Using stencils and the cover of darkness, Banksy's street art is the most recognizable in the world but "Banksy", the artist, remains an unknown despite nearly thirty years of speculation as to "his" identity. It is also often debated as to whether graffiti is art or vandalism but unauthorized images on property, public or private, is considered a crime in every state in the U.S.

Kathy uses visuals to guide the audience through the artists works, style, and significance in history.