Real Talk on Islam

Join Imam Shamshad Nasir, from Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, for a lecture and discussion on Islam, the True Teachings, and why there is so much confusion around Islam. Imam Shamshad Nasir has more than 35 years of experience on the subject and he has travelled worldwide and given lectures on the subject. 

Author Event | Anna Krushelnitskaya: Cold War Casual

Join local author Anna Krushelnitskaya for a discussion of her new book Cold War Casual – a collection of transcribed oral testimony and interviews gathered from American and Russian citizens who lived during the Cold War.  Cold War Casual delves into the impact of the conflict, including the government propaganda, on the attitudes of regular citizens on both sides of the Iron Curtain. 

How International Experience Can Strengthen Your College Application

Incorporating an international experience into your college application can be a valuable asset and distinguish you from other competitive applicants. 

Study abroad can be a transformational experience and has proven to build cultural competence, language skills, confidence, maturity, problem solving abilities and inspire an authentic global perspective. Simply ‘doing’ a study abroad program is not the goal. Incorporating what you have learned abroad to contribute to your local community is where true benefits emerge.

 Presenters include:

Defining Drugs of Abuse

Three panelists from the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor community will discuss how the widespread availability of both alcohol and nicotine have negative impacts on these substances' understood health risks. They will explore this topic from different perspectives: scientific research, health risks, and legal implications.

This event is in partnership with Scientists for Outreach on Addiction Research (SOAR) in the U–M Department of Pharmacology.

Amateur Radio

Amateur (ham) radio is more popular than ever with a record number of people enjoying this hobby. Local operator Dan Romanchik will explain the latest possibilities for amateur radio including satellite communications, software-defined radio, and wireless networking. He will also discuss the local amateur radio community, why this technology is still relevant today, and how to become a licensed operator. 73!