WAPUR High School Robotics Competition

Watch robots designed and built by Ann Arbor high school students compete against each other in U–M's huge Coliseum!  WAPUR (Washtenaw Area Pickup Robotics) is a robotics league mini-season where High School Robotics teams have just a few weeks to design and build a robot to compete against robots from other schools! This year's game is 2 vs. 2 Volleyball with a huge yoga ball! Matches run throughout the day with finals starting near 5 PM.


Canceled: Mock Voting @ AADL

The Study was completed on Saturday, and won't be continuing on Sunday. Thanks for your interest and participation!

Adults 18+ can help gather data on ballot marking devices while kids try out real voting machines and cast votes in an election of their favorite aquarium fish at AADL!   Participants can take home a fun piece of Library swag!

Participation in the study will take approximately 5 minutes.  Adults will be asked to vote and complete a short survey. 

This event is a partnership with the University of Michigan.


Mock Voting @ AADL

Visit the Downtown Library on Saturday September 21st and participate in a voting machine research study, sponsored by the University of Michigan.

A second day of the study was planned for Sunday 9/22, but the turnout on Saturday was so great, the study was completed and won't be continuing on Sunday. Thanks for your interest!