A Field Trip to the Library with Channel 6's Spencer Hall and Holly Anderson

The Channel 6 news team—Spencer Hall and Holly Anderson—visit the Downtown Library for the second time in their professional careers to talk college football and world history, and to thank 2024 Charity Bowl donors from the University of Michigan fan base for raising close to $300,000 in aid of refugee resettlement. 

Smell & Tell: Comics Smell!

One! Hundred! Demons! by Lynda Barry was published in 2002. “Common Scents”, the fifth chapter in the graphic novel, takes the reader on a tour of neighbors’ homes and it’s all about the smells!

The story is told from an adolescent’s point of view and is informed by the author’s life. Barry transforms the inner experience of scent memories and materializes them in artful vignettes, extending the comics genre while transcending Proustian nostalgia.