Friday Night AI | Is AI Robust Enough to Withstand Attacks?

As we work on developing advanced AI technologies that are more and more often deployed in real settings, we increasingly face the risk of ‘attacks’ on these technologies -- malicious or sometimes even unintended uses of technology that can lead to nefarious outcomes. Think for instance of the use of AI to fool self-driving cars, or the AI-generated very realistic-looking deepfakes used to blackmail individuals and even influence elections. How can we build AI systems that are robust enough to counteract such attacks?

Leading with Grace in an Upside-Down World with John Baldoni

To speaker, author and executive coach John Baldoni, grade is "the essence of life that enables us to see the world as not simply a place for some of us but rather a place for all of us. It facilitates our purpose by enabling us to find comity, civility and compassion. While purpose is our why, Grace become our how—treating others as with an open mind as well as an open heart." Join John for a presentation on the interconnection of grace and purpose and their role in finding comity, civility and compassion.

Author Event | Shirley Higuchi: Setsuko's Secret

Shirley Higuchi, a graduate of Huron High School and the University of Michigan, will discuss her book, Setsuko's Secret: Heart Mountain and the Legacy of the Japanese American Incarceration. She will describe life as a third-generation Japanese American learning about the incarceration of her parents and their families during World War II at the Heart Mountain camp in Wyoming, and how that experience shaped her and thousands of other Japanese Americans whose parents told them little about that shameful period of American histo