Oral History is for Everyone: An Ethical and Experiential Guide

This two-part workshop includes a lecture on the basics and ethics of oral history, a mock-interview activity for you to practice your skills, and a group discussion at the end. This event is designed to broaden understandings and examine the question of who gets to be a historian–and whose stories count as “historical”–by emphasizing community experiences and knowledge.

This event is in partnership with the Spectrum Center at the University of Michigan.

Author Event | Ken Magee: The Ultimate Michigan Football Program and Ticket Guide

Local historian and collector of Michigan memorabilia, Ken Magee, presents his coffee-table book! 

Co-authored with Brian Snider, The Ultimate Michigan Football Program and Ticket Guide contains over 2,500 color photographs of every University of Michigan football game day program and ticket stub known to exist, game summaries of every Michigan football game since the first game in 1879, and an introductory letter written by former President Gerald Ford.

Living Oral History Phase 9 Launch Event

Viewers will join host Joyce Hunter of the African American Cultural and Historical Museum and interviewees from Phase 9 of the Living Oral History Project. We'll watch a clip reel of highlights from the interviews and take questions and answers from the interviewees.

This video is in partnership with the African American Cultural and Historical Museum of Washtenaw County.

Watch the compilation video of Phase 9 here: https://aadl.org/aachm_loh-phase_9

Rosie the Riveter and the Willow Run Plant

“We Can Do It’ became the rallying cry for millions of women who had, until this time period, never envisioned working on an industrial assembly line building the weapons of war. Join presenter Claire Kitchin Dahl of the Yankee Air Museum to learn the incredible history of the Willow Run B-24 Bomber Plant and the teamwork of the powerful Detroit automotive industry. Claire will share the dramatic and vital roles played by women as they showed the nation that they were willing and able to fill the work force gaps caused by men going into military service.

Albert Kahn: Unintended Consequences

From 1929 to 1932 Albert Kahn, Inc. oversaw the design and construction of over 500 factories in Soviet Russia; many converted to munitions production during World War II. Without Kahn’s unintended contributions to the Russian war effort there is arguably no decisive Allied victory, making these adaptive renovations among the most influential to ever be applied to his designs. What unique reuses of Kahn designs might we find in metro Detroit if we went looking? Which exhibit the greatest degrees of versatility and unintended consequences?

Be True To Your School: Photographs of School Spirit from the Ann Arbor News

Whether it’s cheering on your home team, standing proud with your classmates, or forming a club to make your school a better place, there are many ways to be true to your school and express your school spirit. These events and activities are not only life-defining, but American school spirit is an integral part of our country’s collective history and culture.