Ann Arbor's Lost Poet: Charles Henry Shoeman

Turn of the century newspaper accounts paint a vibrant portrait of Charles Henry Shoeman: "utopian high class entertainer", "colored poet of Ann Arbor", "barber", "the youngest Afro-American writer in Michigan", "photographer", "the excellency of his verses", "student", "humorist", "assisted by his colored boys quartette", "author of an interesting books of poems", "lecturer", "elocutionary entertainment".

His anthology A Dream And Other Poems was published in Ann Arbor in 1899. The following year, a second edition was published. His writing made national news and he toured the United States and Europe, entertaining crowds with his words. By 1910, he had disappeared.

Letter from Doug Fulton to Ann Arbor News Librarian / Keeper of the Morgue, November 7, 1995

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This letter, dated November 7, 1995, was sent to the Ann Arbor News Librarian by retired Outdoor Editor, photographer, and writer, Doug Fulton. Fulton had retired from the News in 1983 after serving as a columnist, editor, and photographer for 30 years.