Nerd Nite #72 - Exploring Nonconformity Through Graphic Novels

I used to think that comics were about stereotypical heroes who saved the day in spandex and capes. Then I discovered graphic novels, a more “niche” category of comic books that often defy traditional storytelling and explore unique perspectives: From quirky girls who hunt monsters at summer camp to badass lady-warriors who defend their castle with care and compassion, rather than with violence. I want to highlight some of these stories that rebel in their nonconformity, and how we can embody that in our everyday lives.

Martin Bandyke Under Covers for May 2020: Martin interviews Andrew Blauner, editor of The Peanuts Papers: Writers and Cartoonists on Charlie Brown, Snoopy & the Gang, and the Meaning of Life.

Over the span of 50 years, Charles M. Schulz created a comic strip that is one of the indisputable glories of American popular culture - hilarious, poignant, inimitable. Some 20 years after the last strip appeared, the characters Schulz brought to life in Peanuts continue to resonate with millions of fans, their beguiling four-panel adventures and television escapades offering lessons about happiness, friendship, disappointment, childhood, and life itself. 

Fellow Youths: Giant Daze

We read John Allison's continuing slice-of-life comic series, Giant Days! We talk about college life, how we choose our friends, and how weird it is that a series can be 12 volumes long and have no actual story. Listen along as we discuss two-dimensional female characters and how they make us want to die, then find out what else we're watching and playing right now! 

Fellow Youths: Somebody's Watching YOU

We talk about our latest obsession: YOU (the Lifetime-turned-Netflix show). Ashley and Nicole admit their long-standing love of doomed couple dramas on the Lifetime channel, and Audrey talks about serial killers. We also cover red flags, dumb heroines, the MANY downsides of dating your stalker, and why it's important to own curtains. Plus, we're watching K-dramas and Fyre Fest documentaries, and sinking hours of our lives into Stardew Valley. Follow along (from a safe distance) as we discuss the creepiest love story ever told!

A2CAF 2019 - Author Discussion: Raina Telgemeier and Jerry Craft

Join Jerry Craft and Raina Telgemeier for a discussion on Jerry's graphic novel, New Kid. Together they'll explore Jerry's journey as a young artist to a published graphic novelist, and how young people might find their own path into comics. 

This event was part of A2CAF, an annual all-ages Comic Arts Festival!

Author Event | Graphic Novelist Box Brown

In Cannabis: The Illegalization of Weed in America, acclaimed New York Times best-selling graphic novelist Box Brown delves deep into the troubling history of marijuana and offers a rich, entertaining, and thoroughly researched graphic essay on the legacy of cannabis legislation in America. Join us for an audio and visual presentation of this highly-buzzed about book.