There Went The Neighborhood: The Closing of Jones School

As part of Ann Arbor 200, the Ann Arbor District Library and 7 Cylinders Studio (7CS) have produced a documentary film about the closing of Ann Arbor's Jones School. In 1965, the Board of Education closed the majority-Black school. Ann Arbor joined a nationwide trend of school desegregation during the Civil Rights Era. But for these young students, the loss of a neighborhood school foreshadowed changes to their close-knit community. Gentrification came to Ann Arbor on the heels of desegregation.

The Gayest Generation Ep. 11 - Curtis Chin

Welcome to The Gayest Generation, where we hear LGBTQ older adults speak for themselves. Every episode, we sit down with a different member of the LGBTQ community who laid the foundation for the freedoms we have today.

In this episode, we speak with Curtis Chin. We discuss his childhood growing up in Detroit’s legendary Chung’s Restaurant, “The Gay Agenda”, and what it’s like to meet Vanna White (and the Obamas).

JCC Conversations | Derrick Miller and Nataliya Starak

Derrick Miller is the Executive Director of the Community Action Network in Ann Arbor Michigan and he felt he had to do something to help the people of Ukraine.  The experience was intense, to say the least, but it was also highly impactful.  While he was there he was assisted by Nataliya Starak who has fascinating and heartwarming stories to share with us.

JCC Conversations | Attorney Alan Levine

Our guest on Conservations will be Alan Levine, one of a trio of pro bono heroes who scored a $26-mln verdict against Charlottesville rally organizers.

Hear the inspiring story of how he spent 4 weeks in “a bubble of hate and violence” as he cross examined the white supremacists that organized and led the antisemitic and racist violence that resulted in the death of Heather Heyer and the injuring of dozens of others, including seven of the plaintiffs in the suit.


JCC Conversations | Heather Booth, Founder of JANE

“When somebody says to you ‘You can’t get anything done in Washington, I don’t know why you try’…just say, ‘thank you, Heather.'”

– Senator Elizabeth Warren

Don’t miss the interview with Heather Booth, the founder of JANEan underground abortion service in 1965, before Roe v Wade. She is the most influential person you’ve never heard of.


JCC Conversations | Adam Grant, Executive Director of A Brighter Way

Based in Ypsilanti, A Brighter Way empowers formerly-incarcerated individuals to return to the community to achieve purpose-filled lives. With the help and guidance of an experienced and supportive team, people find opportunity, community, and acceptance. In less than a year as the Executive Director of A Brighter Way, Adam has doubled the number of returning citizens served and maintained the organization’s record of never having any of them return to prison. His success, in part, is due to his spending 27 years in prison himself.