The Unforgettable Dinnerware of Julia Galloway, with a Focus on Her Endangered Species Series

Join us for a virtual visit to Julia Galloway’s studio where the potter will share through conversation and demonstration how she makes dinnerware from beginning to end. This includes idea development and research, things to consider when designing dinnerware, the making process and surface decoration. There will be a live question and answer period at the end of the presentation. Currently, Julia’s pottery is inspired by the growing list of endangered species in the United States.

Year of the Tiger: Stories and Motifs in New Year Prints from Taiwan

Professors Tom Suchan and Guey-Meei Yang of Eastern Michigan University will discuss stories and motifs found in the eight prints in the Joyful Tiger Harvesting Happiness exhibit, on display at the downtown library May 1st-31st. These prints by Taiwanese artists are a generous gift of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and were presented to AADL by the Michigan Taiwanese-American Organization and the Taipei Cultural Center in New York. This summer, two sets of the prints will enter AADL's circulating art print collection.