Tiny Expo is on Saturday, December 9, 2023 at the Ann Arbor District Library at 343 S. Fifth Ave. 

Tiny Expo features over 40 artists and crafters selling handmade wares in a festive library space in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor. Our annual holiday show is a great way to support your community and find unique gifts.

VENDOR APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN! We're looking for top notch artists, makers, and crafters to join us at this juried show. Applications will be accepted through midnight on Wednesday, October 4th. No late apps will be accepted, no exceptions. More information can be found on the application. Apply HERE.

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2022 Vendor List logo I am a self-taught, native, disabled, artist from Michigan, specializing in hand-carved and hand-printed relief prints, and other hand-made items.`







Almapottery Ceramics illustrated by Lavinia  carry a story in each piece. Sometimes inspired by ancient world legends the characters might  start on paper and travel trough different ceramic pieces. Everything is made in small limited series, by hand, in her Ann Arbor studio.





Arsenal Handicraft LLC



Arsenal Handicraft LLC makes hand pulled screen printed art prints. They design and print everything out of their home studio in Madison Heights, MI.





artsshark is about making items that divert waste into useful or wearable objects. She wants you to feel good while you do good.


Big Mitten Linocuts



Big Mitten Linocuts As a printmaker I sketch original designs onto linoleum blocks, carve the designs in relief, apply ink to the carved blocks, and apply pressure to transfer the designs onto paper and textiles. I print in limited, numbered editions and sign and each work.




Brave Wimp Logo



Brave Wimp creates eco-conscious and inclusive pop art goods. We aim to inspire and create community through our artwork.







Chromatoform My work primarily involves a mix of laser cutting and engraving and more traditional woodworking/handcrafting techniques. My products include wooden Christmas ornaments, gift tags, earrings and other jewelry, pins, magnets, wooden stickers, home decor, three-dimensional art pieces and decor, as well as furniture.




Courtney Fischer Jewelry



Courtney Fischer Jewelry All work is hand forged in my backyard studio using copper and brass. I aim to create tiny pieces of art that can be enjoyed on a daily basis that are affordable, versatile, and have an antiqued look with a modern approach.




Danni Little Handmade with Love



Danni Little Handmade with Love I weave enchanted stories together. My art is handmade & made with love.





Drewbie's Zoo is home to adorable, handmade crochet stuffed animals- the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a little whimsy in their life!


Ella Jae Essentials



Ella Jae Essentials is a skin care company that curates All natural products with custom items to match. This includes but is not limited to: All Natural Body butters, body scrubs, body wash, hair care, beard care and more!






enamor My sewn animals are made from vintage fabrics and have hand painted faces to give them a unique personality. My re-purposed vintage arrangements and holiday pieces are made from vintage objects and supplies that are reused in a different way to give them new life, which makes them truly one of a kind!




Hannah Burr Studio + We Am



Hannah Burr Studio + We Am Tools for sea-change moments in the form of colorful artist books, prints, and functional art projects that plug you back in including bubbles and blocks as mindfulness tools (!) are new offerings from Hannah Burr's studio. 'We Am' is a sister project hosting resonant items from artists Sue Murad and Jackie Barrie with low-brow, existential sensibilities - stop in for the giveaway and demo!






Hypknotica Our love of nature is evident in our work, in turn it connects those that wear it to a vital ancient force. Magic is everywhere.





J. A. Richard



J. A. Richard Miniature oil and watercolor paintings as well as etchings of the world around us. Framed and unframed work.





JBL Woodworks


JBL Woodworks Modern housewares hand-made from locally fallen or salvaged urban wood, which are minimalist in style & functional. I also in-house propagate/sell tillandsia(air plants) & hand-turn unique decorative holders for them.





JKM Soy Candles makes candles using 100% soybean wax in a variety of styles ranging from simple & timeless to vintage apothecary to modern & contemporary. Their curated fragrance combinations are unique, inspired, & intoxicating.


JLC Pottery



JLC Pottery Functional, handmade pottery for your home. Pieces made to be used, touched and enjoyed visually and physically.





Jodi Lynn's Emporium of Doodles



Jodi Lynn's Emporium of Doodles Inspired by pop culture, science, nature and travel Jodi Lynn creates fun and colorful art that is intended to bring smiles to people's face.




Kelly Kaatz Ceramics



Kelly Kaatz Ceramics Functional, hand-built ceramics made to use on a daily basis.





Knotting Along



Knotting Along Macrame I offer handcrafted macrame decor and accessories. Beautiful and unique items that give character to any space.





Lisse Williams Design



Lisse Williams Design Design based painting focused on patterns both abstract and floral.





L. White Design Hand made modern jewelry. Clean design with an organic twist.


Magnolia Mercantile


Magnolia Mercantile is a fiber art home goods shop providing pieces crafted with care and thoughtful intention created by Cait Quinn based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.





Mighty Mitten



The Mighty Mitten I design and illustrate vintage-inspired travel art featuring all kinds of Michigan cities and landmarks. My illustrations are reminiscent of the old WPA National Parks posters, but with a modern touch.




Mimi and Ferne



Mimi and Ferne is modern minimalist jewelry inspired by vintage architecture and nature. I use unique natural patina processes to create layered, artistic landscapes on brass and copper.




Mini Miscellaneous



Mini Miscellaneous is created in small batches, with love and careful attention to detail with all mixed media materials. I use resin, plaster, wood, foam, paper mache, and other materials to make my unique miniatures, no polymer clay!




Object Apparel



Object Apparel produces handmade clothing using sustainable processes. Every piece is made with organic fabrics and natural dyes in our Detroit studio.





Old Growth Creative



Old Growth Creative My work focuses on spray painted wood panels that are screen printed on top. I tend to draw a lot of nature related elements and use detailed and intricate line work to achieve a visually appealing composition.




Outer Peace by Anusree Sattaluri



Outer Peace by Anusree Sattaluri is a collection of Prints and Ceramics depicting overly romanticized everyday scenes designed to visually bring warmth and calm to the viewer and through the process to the creator, me! My work is inspired by the peace that can be found in stillness and solitude. My work portrays (my) home as a sanctuary filled with everything that brings one (me) peace - light, order, books, tea and an abundance of plants.



Pooka Queen



Pooka Queen Fine wire work, stone and wood jewelry made from quality materials. Modern industrial felt headbands and fascinators.





Rose & Perry Co is a company that specializes in small batch, handmade, hand poured products for bath and body. We use top tier ingredients that you can pronounce to ensure quality products at a sustainable price for our customers.


Sajeev Visweswaran Art



SAJEEV VISWESWARAN ART I like to draw and that's the one reason I like printmaking. I make prints and jewelries using printmaking technique. The jewelries I believe is the extension of fine art works.




Science Bee


Science Bee for Science by making beautiful things that highlight anatomy, curiosity, and the natural world. Find a gift for your favorite scientist or something downright goofy!






Sloe Gin Fizz



Sloe Gin Fizz is the illustration work of Nicole Ray, bringing you a lively, cerebral mix of whimsical animals, nostalgia-filled interiors and calming views of nature. Nicole's hand-drawn scenes are highly accessible, infused with a playful sense of humor and a strong narrative quality.




Stacey Malasky



Stacey Malasky Timeless botanicals and fun prints that bring joy to live with every day.





Sunny Beach


Sunny Beach Design Unique hand carved woodenware for your home from wood sustainability harvested in southeast Michigan. A functional and decorative assortment of pieces are available.





Taneko Says Hello



Taneko Says Hello I invent and create handmade plush pun friends and art—because it’s important to play with your animals, food, and words! My main character is Taneko, a warm-hearted "octopuss," who enjoys befriending others, and she would love to be your friend too ☺




tree trunk arts



tree trunk arts True to nature jewelry made from real plant specimens transformed in bronze, sterling silver and gold.





tYpsi Woodworking


tYpsi Woodworking Hand crafted and locally-sourced utilitarian wooden art that focuses on home based hospitality & entertainment. Let's make the best stop in town right in your own home.





White Bird Pins



White Bird Pins is a small business based in Ann Arbor that sells simple enamel pins, wooden pins, and stickers.





WoollyMammothDesign I make 3D embroidered art pieces inspired by the natural world, such as butterflies, moths and other insects. In honor of sustainability, use as much recycled raw material and packaging as possible in all of my work.


The Woven Good


The Woven Good makes beautiful handwoven goods, with sustainable fibers, for the home and body.