The Prime Mover Blues Band formed in the summer of 1965, lasted about five years and, like all things in life, gradually dissolved. Iggy, of course, went on to create 'The Stooges', Jack Dawson to play bass with the Siegel-Schwall Blues Band, Robert Sheff to become the avant-garde composer Blue Gene Tyranny, Daniel Erlewine to play lead guitar for the Sam Lay Blues Band (and to build guitars for the likes of Jerry Garcia and Albert King), and Michael Erlewine became an archivist, interviewed most of the blues greats, and created the All-Music Guide ( and other large Internet sites. By March of 1971, Michael was the only one left, playing piano and singing in bars under the name "Ann Arbor Heart Song." It was then that he met the love of his life, Margaret, married her, and found what he had been searching for and singing about. He gradually stopped playing.

Over the years there were more than 37 members in the Prime Movers. A few of these are listed below:

Lead Singer, harmonica: Michael Erlewine

Guitars: Daniel Erlewine, Craig Johnson, Ron Asheton, Jay Edwards

Keyboards: Robert Sheff, Garby Leon

Bass Guitar: Jack Dawson, Ilene Silverman, R.T. Vinopal

Drums: James Osterberg (Iggy Pop), J.C. Crawford, Phillip Erlewine


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