The Prime Movers Blues Band formed in the summer of 1965 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This audio track is from fairly early on, a gig at the Schwaben Inn and Jim Osterberg (AKA Iggy Pop) is definitely the drummer on this track. This video is a tribute to Dan Erlewine, lead guitar player for the Prime Movers Blues Band. Subsequent to the Prime Movers Dan played lead guitar for the Sam Lay Blues Band and was considering playing guitar with the Butterfield band, when he decided he really wanted to build some guitars.

The main band members included:

Michael Erlewine: lead singer, harmonica

Daniel Erlewine: lead guitar

Robert Sheff (AKA Blue "Gene" Tyranny): keyboards

Jack Dawson: bass

James Osterberg (AKA "Iggy Pop"): drums

J.C. "Jesse" Crawford: drums


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